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Christian Louboutin Sylvia Drapey Hobo: Snob or Slob?



I feel drapey and lazy just looking at this bag and have an urge to carry my son in its hammock like sack. As meticulous and sharp as his shoes are, Christian Louboutin bags really do not make any sense to me.  Not only is this scrap of leather less than pleasing to the eye, there is that huge waste of space between bag and handle.  A very uncomfortable handle at that plus it’s 16″x19″ which means it will be dangling somewhere below your bum if you’re petite.  You can create the same hobo bag with a long t-shirt wrapped up in packing tape and call it a day.  But what do I know, I’m hung over from Chinese New Year celebrations that started last night and that will last for 2 weeks (to us it’s like Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve all rolled into one!)   Christian Louboutin Sylvia Drapey Hobo $1,795 at

What do you snobbers think about the Sylvia Drapey Hobo?  SNOB or SLOB?



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  1. Slob. A slouchy bag without a structure is def a no-no to me. And, I must add I hate that hedious red lining of this bag-as if red soles arent enough to feed one up these days?I’ve had my Loubie moment. Then T see the signature red sole under everyone who’s anyone’s feet, I gotta confess it feeds me up at least for a year. It has almost become the tweed suit of Chanel-safe and…boring. I recall Blair once commented in Gossip Girl: O yea, black Louboutin pumps go with anything. Bore!

  2. Uuggghhhhhh. Looks like a craft project. I’m sure it looks decent when it is all packed in full, but the drop grap is completely disproportionate. What a waste of supersoft grey calf leather.