Donna Karan Metallic Leather Hobo: Snob or Slob?

At first glance I really liked this distressed metallic bag. I love Donna Karan and it has really pained me (really!) to rag on her bags. So this bag popped out and I was like, “okay, I can get on this, I can give this a glowing review and then she’ll grant us an interview and we’ll be BFFs forever and ever and ever”. But then I noticed the price; hello- YSL could have gotten away with charging $1,695 for a trendy hobo but they wouldn’t have done so– they would have charged $1,150. But Donna, she who has not even made a dent in the handbag world, she wants $1,695 for a bag that looks like it’s been dragged through the gutter? Granted the distressed look is very of the moment and that crystal key chain is really cool but seriously? Who’d spend this kind of money on a not so memorable bag? That said, it’s a fairly cute bag and if you’ve got the dough to blow– go for it. Oh, and I just want it on record that I adore Donna Karan clothes– I bought a navy jacket with gold and pearl buttons, white collar and matching white pleated skirt to the very first business meeting I’d ever had after graduation when I was 22 years old because Donna Karan was my yardstick for chic back then. That jacket cost a fortune and I still have it for sentimental reasons. Which is more than I can say for this bag– unfortunately this is the type of bag I’d carry for a month and then give to the resale shop. $1,695 at Net a Porter

But enough about me, what do you guys think? Snob or Slob?

15 thoughts on “Donna Karan Metallic Leather Hobo: Snob or Slob?

  1. Too expensive! Tina–do you think the Valentino nuage bronze is out of style or a classic? I just found on sale…

  2. slob!

    if she doesn’t grant you an interview she is making a mistake.

    your voice of authenticity is what we love

  3. It does nothing for me. There is better stuff out there for the price. Btw, your title is missing an “n” – see “Kara”.

  4. I would like it if the price was cheaper…maybe she could redo it for a possible future target line?

  5. The price is sky-high! but anyway i like the bag – distressed metallic is a fashionable accent . Lovely bag.

  6. Nothing special. Didn’t Botkier do this already, for much less?

  7. as you said Tina, it’s a bag for people who have spare cash and want a nice bag for one season..Slob for me.

  8. Anonymous on said:

    slob, slob, slob

    donna used to be so innovative. but now, everything she makes though great quality, just repeating the same old ideas … over and over again.


  9. nothing special… not even something i would buy. i’d prefer a much classier bag..

  10. I don’t like this one at all. It’s garish with the peeling metallic look. And I won’t even comment on that ridiculous price.

  11. This bag looks cheap. I wouldn’t even buy it for half that. I’m like you though, Tina. I really love Donna Karan especially her early stuff.

  12. Don’t really care for this bag, and it’s way to expensive. Pass on this one, definatly SLOB.

  13. SLOB. Totally tacky looking IMO. Ew. I wouldn’t carry this if it were given to me.

  14. I’m surpised that net-a-porter would post such a terrible picture of the bag. The bag in person is not nearly as beat up.

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