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Adriana Castro Meissa Python Hobo plus exotic extravaganza giveaway!


UPDATE: Congratulations to Kathy D. of Shelby, N.C. for winning the Annie clutch and Frank P. of Dallas, TX for winning the Meissa Hobo.

Is it bag buying time yet? You do not need an excuse to treat yourself to this fabulous magenta python hobo, the Meissa, from Adriana Castro (we’re giving away the violet ostrich version in our promo this month!). She is making it easy for Bag Snob readers by offering a 30% discount which makes it only $1,253 (full retail is $1,790)! I am crazy about this color– so spring like and vibrant! The hobo style is timeless and this is a super easy bag to tote around– especially with that flat shoulder strap. There is a hidden magnetic closure (no bothersome hardware), cellphone pocket with zipped inner compartment and of course Adriana’s skins are luxuriously soft. This is a super huge bag at 17″ but it’s so lightweight and slouchy that it appears much smaller when carried. adrianacolorcards.jpgAnd hello– with our discount it’s less than many of the leather hobos out right now! You are crazy if you pass this up!!! There is also lime and a vibrant orange she calls ‘sun’. But for me, it’s all about the pink! At Adriana Castro online, use code ACBAGSNOB for your discount!




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  1. So lovely bags lately, but I just have not had the strength to comment. Probably one of the reasons is that I lost my mother just after xmas. I didn´t realize that it would hit me so hard,because of our cool relationship. But it did. I am her only child and have been taking care of her money matters and arranging her well-being for the last 4 years.Maybe I´ll need plenty of time to get over this all. Thank you all bagsnobs!

  2. Mette-Was this the funeral you were frantically searching a clutch for? I am so sorry. Take care and thank you for your comment.

  3. Honestly, I like the flat shoulder strap in this bag! I own a python hobo from Devi Kroell and the strap is so stiff. I am thinking getting this one and besides I love the idea of supporting emerging designers. Our first lady is doing it LOL. Oh and I love the price.

  4. This is exactly what I need! A timeless exotic hobo at a great price. Thank you Tina.

    I got the Croc/Ostrich Version of the Adriana Castro Mintaka Tote in Black a couple of months ago and I am loving it!

  5. It’s not made very well. you can’t seriously compare this to a Devi Kroell bag, have you ever seen a real Devi Kroell? This is like comparing a corvette (this one) to a porsche (the Devi)!

  6. I am not knowing who to send my reply. A death is always so sudden.When I received my YSL ,I simply knew that death was so near. All I wore was ages old. The YSL I had was the new clutch I had and it is so perfect. Much better in person I had expected. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I agree you can’t compare. Both bags are beautiful, special and unique in their own way. I can’t afford DK bags but I can afford this one and I love it!

  8. Hi Candy

    Adriana’s quality is excellent. Have you carried one of her bags before?

    I love it and am ordering it as we speak 🙂

  9. Tina, I bought recently 2 bags from Adriana Castro – 1 croc clutch (at Bendels) and 1 ostrich hobo (online). Both bags are exquisite! I discovered AC at Bag Snob. Thank you.

  10. How do you know that the bag is not well made?? Have you seen it in person?? I was only comparing the style…I don’t know the difference in quality.

  11. I was only comparing the style. I own 2 DK bags and think the quality is great. I have never seen an AC bag in person, so I cannot compare the quality. I trust Tina’s opinion on this bag since she has seen them in person. I don’t know how someone can say that the quality is not good unless you see the bag in person.

  12. Seems I´m not in the mood to writing correctly these days. I had no idea that my mom would pass away so suddenly. She simply just died in her sleep.No pains,no nothing. And being a bagsnob my self,I had no clue,that I´d have use for the clutch so soon. The wonderful zipper clutch. The not nice comments I have received are that I had 2 glasses of brady on the day of the funeral. The elder guessed it ,but the younger ones payed no attention. Now, with the sorrow,I really feel bad. My mom never passed a glass. I´d like to hear opinions about this matter

  13. Mette,

    Don’t be sorry for grieving for your mother. she would have understood… We all deal with loss differently. Sometimes a glass or two of brandy, wine, whatever– is just what we need. You have enough to feel sad for, not for having 2 glasses of brandy!

    Take care,


  14. Mette I agree with Tina do not get yourself so upset about 2 glasses of brandy. Sometimes we need to calm ourselves down and relax. I am very sorry to hear of the loss of your mother. Please try to take care of yourself.

  15. Mette

    My heart goes out to you..

    As if you don’t have enough to be upset over right now.

    Do not mind those who judge you!

  16. Tina I saw Adriana’s bags at Henri Bendel in NYC. They are lovely. She was there for a PA – she is beautiful, sweet and so young. Her husband was there too, what a couple. I wish her all the luck. And this hobo, 1 word, WOW!

  17. Yikes, I can see this is going to be a problem for me…orange is my favorite color, and oh that is SO pretty…and spring is so near.

    And the economy needs our $$!