Givenchy Evening Mini Fringe Bag


Why does Givenchy have to ruin their perfect lineup with this thing? I am on the cusp of jumping on the Sacca tote bandwagon when I happened upon this gag mustache bag. Just for a moment think how debilitating your day will be with this one your shoulder. You can’t go eat, you will swipe everyone’s plate on your way to your table. You can’t get on an escalator if you want to keep your arm. For that matter, you better stay away from elevators as well. You can’t be near kids, those fringes are way too tempting. Cabs? Forget about it, there is no way you have enough time to gather all the strips in before the cabbie takes off. Stay away from parking lots, you will leave cars spotless behind you but those car wash chamois bristles on the bag will need a cleaning of its own. If you move around too fast, you will whip everyone in sight. As an evening bag, you will clean up everyone’s drinks. And then of course there will be the pointing and laughing. If you’re going there, you should probably get the Tina Turner Louboutin fringe boots to go with. Givenchy Evening Mini Fringe Bag at Barneys New York for $1575.

7 thoughts on “Givenchy Evening Mini Fringe Bag

  1. Cherie L. on said:

    Conceptually stupid and thoroughly ugly. Even Barbara Bush (the older one) wouldn’t be caught dead with this.

  2. Bag Snob Tina on said:

    I totally agree with you Cherie!

    I am really pissed at Givenchy!

    How could they do this? Maybe it’s meant to be used as a headband with built in fringe braids?

  3. It has pigtails!

  4. Even worse, wear it over your shoulder and people will wonder how long since your last armpit shave.

  5. EEEEWWWWW!!!!!!!

  6. Tina: Have you seen the Givenchy Bandana Sacca?? I saw it at Madison in Beverly Hills yesterday…it looks interesting to me

  7. i think it is rather beautiful.

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