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Givenchy Le Soin Noir

givenchylesoinnoir.jpgIf sticky gooey black sap from the depth of the ocean doesn’t sound appealing to you what about velvety rich skin? I received a sample of this goo from Givenchy and was hesitant to use it at first– it’s not the most appealing of color, texture or smell but vanity won out. After using it for a week, my skin had a velvety texture but my finger nails did not fare as well. They had a gray/black tint to them! I didn’t want to stop using this so I did what any beauty obsessed snob would have done– I made it work and bought surgical gloves in order to apply it.

The reason for the dark color is the Vital Black Algae Sap Concentrate– an ingredient found in the depths of the ocean rich in vital fatty acids. This rare black algae extract been shown to protect skin cells’ DNA from light-induced aging and wrinkles, and repair itself to form smoother, younger skin. Just make sure you wash your hands immediately after applying! Givenchy Le Soin Noir 1.7 oz $360 At

Gimmick or miracle ingredient? Have you tried this?



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