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Kotur at the Golden Globes


islakotur.jpgForget scaling back and carrying boring non-descript bags just because we’re in a full blown depression. Kotur makes amazing bags at affordable prices because let’s face it, we love beautiful things no matter the economic state!

Look at these gorgeous minaudieres and python clutch embellished with jeweled flowers made of swarovski crystals ($498). More than a few actresses chose Kotur for the Golden Globes but my favorite was Isla Fisher; she is a full figured and fresh faced petite beauty with exquisite taste (I saw her at Barneys in BH and she has skin like velvet!).

I actually have the same D’abo clutch from Kotur; it is very small and won’t hold more than a lipgloss, credit card and cell but what else do you need? At

10 thoughts on “Kotur at the Golden Globes

  1. Lovely Tina: I received my YSL clutch today! It is a beauty! Thank you ever so much for this site of yours. You have given me so much inspiration and–ways to spend my money! Love–Mette

  2. Anonymous on said:

    Tina, these bags are adorable and you get a big bang for the money. I like them better than the new Pradas with the jewels for $1395…

  3. Tina, that was me, Kay, in the above comment. I’m running out to get the Topaz one…

  4. Bag Snob Tina on said:


    Happy day when I hear people are inspired by our little blog!

    Enjoy your bags ladies…


  5. tina, you have done it !!! i am in love with these bags, and i dont even like clutches :)

  6. Hi Tina and Kelly

    Always love reading your blog…

    Thanks so much for believing in us xxFiona

  7. Very nice clutch, great colors and just the perfect size too. Love the different colors offered.

  8. Isla Fisher is full-figured? Wow.

  9. bonmot, that’s EXACTLY what i was going to say!

    I’m astonished at that characterization.

  10. judging from the photo she is definitely well endowed and doesn’t look like an anorexic

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