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Mutsy Easy Grow Highchair


A highchair that goes from 5-point harness for baby to a full grown up chair – yeah, wish I had gotten this when my tots were little. Now I have to buy a more grown up chair for my 3 1/2 year old. I just ordered new dining chairs because they got completely destroyed from spilled milk, soup, jelly, well pretty much anything that was in the fridge ended up on those chairs. I still had to buy upholstered chairs for obvious comfort reasons so my solution is to get my toddler a “special” chair just for her so she does not continue her path of furniture destruction on the new chairs. If you are in the market for highchairs, definitely think long term. This modern style cleans up beautifully and comes in 4 great colors. The seat and foot rest are fully adjustable to fit your tot at every growth stage. For $199, you get a lifetime of use, or you can go the route I went – 2 highchairs, destroyed upholstery, new dining chairs and then the $199 solution. Live and learn, I guess, but too late for me to benefit from this lesson. At Fawn and Forest.




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