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Chloe Paraty in pink for the new year… or not

chloeparatypink.jpgUnlike other bag blogs, Kelly and I do not solely review bags from our affiliates or advertisers (other blogs do because that is how they make their money! We are very creative and make our money from many different revenue streams that do not sacrifice our content– get your heads out of the gutter, it’s all PG). Plus only reviewing bags from our affiliates would be, like, so boring! Instead, we seek bags from everywhere (atrocious or not) so that you can be entertained and educated. But you knew that already, didn’t you? This is why you return to Bag Snob time and again and I hope we meet your expectations. If not, please email us and let us know how we can improve our site!

So, welcome to 2009 everyone. Today is the first day back to work for most yet it’s a sluggish start for me because we went from 85 degrees on Saturday to 31 degrees today (Monday) here in Dallas. My body is really confused and doesn’t know if it should be in a bikini or a snowsuit. It’s as if mother nature is telling us to move home to LA though my hubby quite enjoys experiencing all four seasons, even if it’s in one weekend. But enough of my rambling. During my hunt for interesting bags, I came across the Chloe Paraty (which I love in white or black python) in pink leather. You might crucify me for this but the leather version of the Paraty just does not do it for me– no matter what color (even my beloved pink!). Have you seen this bag in leather as opposed to python? It’s as stiff as the Edith (I loved it until I put on my shoulder) but bulkier than the Paddington (still my fave Chloe). I do like the construction of the bag– its shape is amusing, the hardware subtle yet pleasing and the rolled edges resemble a structured bag without the formality of one but I only like it in python– so soft and supple, the way this bag is meant to be. Some of you complained that our love of exotic skin has blinded us– all I have to say is bag designers should “MAKE BETTER LEATHER BAGS”. Woah, that felt good. But if you are still in the position to buy trendy bags without going bankrupt, this is at for £970.00/842 excluding vat or $1,219 USD.

Oh and totally off topic but is anyone sick of the latest “it” bags category? It’s so 2005. I am trying to convince Kelly to rename this category the Latest “Snob” bags. Snob as in worthy of you pulling out your plastic. Let me know what you guys think.



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  1. I thought you would never convince me exotics are the best but you just have! Paraty in python is a kick ass awesome bag but in leather-just awful! Even though the colour is to die for!

    And yes, ‘It’ bags are over! Snob bags sounds so much better!


  2. saw the leather version at saks and it is stiff and horrible. i’m not so sure about the python as i have not seen it yet.

  3. Tina!!! I totally agree, I did get this in the black python. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!!! the leather version is awful, exotics are the way to go if you can wing it…And YES!!! Im over the “IT” bag program, I love Snob bags…xoxo

  4. Awful bag. Totally agree, “it” bags are done. Love the idea of “snob” bag. Now if we could only get people to stop saying “bling”…


  5. yeah, the term “it” bag is so over — like “bling” and “hot” — very pre-2005. i’ll leave it to tim gunn to figure out the more appropriate term like “on trend”, instead of “trendy” or “fashion forwrad”.

    as for this paraty, and all the other paraty bags (the tote, the satchel). NO, NO. i’m just not feeling it. there’s something about the python that really makes the rolled details work. with the regular leather, it looks uncomfortably structured.

  6. I agree. Ditch the “it bag” tag. “Snob” is better and much more versatile. It could mean the latest thing, or could be a classic, but the key thing is that it is snob-worthy. This is after all the reason why we come here.

    Re the leather Paraty, I’m with Sherry. Whatever its other problems (including, let me just say, a stupid name which is far too much like “paratha” for me), the colour is hideous. On my monitor, it looks like cheap ketchup.

  7. that’s why i keep coming back here, because you guys keeps me entertained and more importantly educated, better than most of the fashion magazines! you’re all right “snob” is way better.

  8. Hi Tina~I was just visiting the Gerard Darel website (YES!! still obsessing. NO havent gotten my hands on the bag yet) (SOB) 🙁 anyhoooo–Can you tell me the difference between the “Hollywood” and the “Utah” just the size? Thank You!!!!


  9. Hi,

    Yep Snob sounds much better than IT…

    It just reminds me of random objects, rather than objects worthy of being desired.

    Anyway, Tina I just got my first python skin bag and i’m wondering how to care for it…

    I totally ruined my favourite YSL suede bag because i had no idea I could use waterstop spray on it…so I Dont want the same to happen to my Sang A, do you have any tips?

  10. Hi Tina, You are on target as usual:) “It bag” is so overused..snob bag is great…I saw this bag in regular leather which was NOT impressive at all. This “pink” is terrible (and i also love pink!) But the python black paraty is gorgeous!

  11. “It” talk sounds so very Paris Hilton, but you, sexy two, sound much more spirited than even the average sophisticates.

    Love your tips for handbags, but maybe include other categories regularly? After completing my first day on campus, I wanna shed my old skool Burberry in favour of something new, something chic, something snobish. But, I had to go to the archives to find some. Clutches, totes, shoulder bags, evening bags all deserve equal billing.

    Maybe the Snob Intern can look up non-cliched verbage to keep us readers the elitist snobs.

  12. Try saying “SNOB bag” fast 10 times! Just do it! Doesn’t have quite the same ring does it? LOL!

    “IT” is it, honey. Get with the program.

    Seriously though Tina, I love your blog, no joke, but some stuff you guys say makes me question your thinking sometimes. Being a bag snob is fabulous, I just don’t think we need to start calling them snob bags.

    Anyway, I am really surprised that you feel the leather Paraty is stiff like the Edith and bulkier than the Paddington. I own the Paraty in blue Python and mauve/dusty pink leather, I also own an Edith (and I can solemnly testify that the Edith is NOT stiff at all, not the one I own anyway which is the Edith hobo) and yes I also have a Paddington which is much more bulky than the Paraty can even aspire to be. So your entire judgment on the Paraty, in my view, is completely unfair.

  13. OMG James…lol, ur funny!!!! not nice, but way funny!!! so NOT letting it go!!! getting that DAMN bag!!!! =)Missin ya!! where you been?!??

    PS…I guess Tina is trying to tell me to let it go as well, seeing she didnt reply!!! lol…

  14. Saks has the party in python but they also have it in two different kinds of leather. I saw it in ivory in a deer skin and it was amazing!

    I cant wait for the Runway Paraty with an outside pocket!! Yah for function!