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Platinum: The Snobbest of them all

bear_laprairie_v.jpgI love platinum jewelry but I never knew much about the metal itself other than the fact that it costs more than gold and is much harder. I recently discovered that platinum is also very rare, which makes it the coveted treasure of discerning individuals. There is very little platinum on this earth and it is found in very few places around the world. This exquisite metal is 30 times rarer than gold. In fact, it is estimated that if all the platinum in the world were poured into one Olympic swimming pool it would be scarcely deep enough to cover your ankles. Gold would fill more than three pools. Platinum’s rarity makes it exclusive and distinctive – and of course coveted.

I love the way it looks, too. It’s very pure and white and generally will never tarnish or fade with proper care. Long known as the best and most luxurious, platinum now joins the battle against wrinkles. I had little sample packets of the new La Prarie platinum cream (there is no way I am spending $1,000 on a 1.7oz jar of cream!) and it felt amazing but the four figure price is hard to justify when the Diamond cream works so well for me. So for now, I will keep platinum on my jewelry, not my face. La Prarie cream at Neiman Marcus. Look for authorized platinum retailers here.



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