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givenchysaccabagceleb.jpgCheck out this stylish celeb carrying my favorite Givenchy tote of the season– the Sacca!!! She is toting her delicious hubby on her other arm (though he never smiles which is kind of creepy but I guess it’s hard to be charming and giggly to annoying paparazzi unless you’re Britney Spears).

The Sacca is the kind of bag you can take out for a night on the town or for a stroll on the beach; lightweight and incredibly chic– its divided compartments are also super functional. I am waiting for an excuse to get the distressed brown leather version for summer!

So I guess you will need a clue?!? I’ll make it really easy– she plays a doctor who has a weakness for dreamy doctors… now I’ve given it away! Winner will have her/his choice of color/size Bag Snob t-shirt. US residents only please. Quiz will end on Sunday Jan 18th at Midnight. Have fun and have a great weekend!

62 thoughts on “Snob Quiz!

  1. Ellen Pompeo

  2. Ellen Pompeo…thanks for making it easier this time :-)

  3. It’s Ellen Pompeo, no doubt about it…

  4. Ellen Pompeo. Luv that bag!!

  5. Cherie L. on said:

    It is Ellen Pompeo, looking tres chic!

  6. Ellen Pompeo

  7. Nancy Waller on said:

    Ellen Pompeo

  8. Ellen Pompeo

  9. Charity Glass-Cotta on said:

    Ellen Pompeo – and boy, does she carry that purse well!

  10. ellen pompeo!

  11. michelle on said:

    Tina: Have you seen the Givenchy Bandana Sacca?? I saw it at Madison in Beverly Hills yesterday…it looks interesting to me.

  12. ellen pompeo!

  13. Ellen Pompeo – the hair gives it away :)

  14. Ellen Pompeo-the mouth is the key!

  15. ellen pompeo

  16. Ellen Pompeo

    I’m not a fan of hers but the bag looks fabulous on her!

  17. It’s Ellen Pompeo!

  18. Ellen Pompeo. I am obsessed with this bag

  19. Ellen Pompeo. Love the bag!

  20. Ellen Pompeo

  21. Ellen Pompeo

  22. Ellen Pompeo

  23. Ellen Pompeo, of course!

  24. michelle on said:

    Tina: Have you seen the Givenchy Bandana Sacca?? I saw it at Madison in Beverly Hills yesterday…it looks interesting to me

  25. ellen pompeo

  26. Ellen Pompeo

  27. Ellen Pompeo

  28. Ellen Pompeo

  29. Ellen Pompeo

  30. its Ellen Pompeo, that was easy

  31. Elise Brown on said:

    Ellen Pompeo and her male arm candy would be sweetie Chris Ivery :)

  32. michelle on said:

    ellen pompeo

  33. ellen pompeo

  34. michelle on said:

    Ellen Pompeo

  35. Ellen Pompeo

  36. Lydia Lau on said:

    that’s Ellen Pompeo

  37. Ellen Pompeo

  38. Anonymous on said:

    Ellen Pompeo from Grey’s Anantomy…For sure!

  39. Patricia on said:

    Ellen Pompeo!

  40. It’s Ellen Pompeo. She looks great with that bag.

  41. Judith Martin on said:

    Ellen Pompeo from Grey’s Anantomy.

  42. ellen pompeo

  43. herblady on said:

    Ellen Pompeo

  44. Ellen Pompeo :)

  45. I’m late in the game, but Ellen Pompeo :)

  46. Meredith on said:

    Ellen Pompeo – and we wouldn’t have needed a clue!

  47. Andreakk on said:

    Ellen Pompeo!

  48. ellen pompeo-love her!!

  49. Ellen Pompeo and gosh I LOVE that bag!!!

  50. its Ellen Pompeo

  51. Mabyn Shingleton on said:

    Ellen Pompeo is carrying the bag.

  52. Ms. Ellen Pompeo!!!!!!!! Bag is gorgeous~

  53. ellen pompeo

  54. Ellen Pompeo

  55. It’s Ellen Pompeo

  56. Elllen Pompeo

  57. amanda k on said:

    Ellen Pompeo!

  58. Ellen Pompeo. Love this bag. Very tempting!

  59. Ellen Pompeo

  60. Ellen Pompeo

  61. It’s Fergie

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