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The Quest for Long Lashes: A review of lash conditioners

lashespic.jpgI have tried almost everything out there in my quest for long and natural looking lashes.  Lash extensions– loved it until it took a chunk of my lashes with it, fake lashes, individual lashes, trimming the lashes (old wive’s tale– not recommended), and various lash conditioners.  There are so many products out there and now with the announcement of “Latisse” from Allergen; I felt it was time to do a review of the lash conditioners I’ve used in the last 3 years.  Read on and choose for yourself!  Let me know if you have another brand that you love!

(Scale: 1-4)

Dea Bella Lash Conditioner:
Effectiveness: 4— This is my current obsession, after a short 3 weeks half of my lashes look noticeably longer.  It’s strange that not all of the lashes responded to this.
Stinging: 3— This does not sting like some of the others. 

Side Effects: 4– NONE! I have not noticed any darkening of eye area or iris of eyes.

Applicator: 4– This is by far the most functional applicator, it’s thicker and holds more products so you’re not digging around the tube.

Cost: $150 at Dea and so worth it!


Jan Marini (old formulation)
Effectiveness: 4– my lashes grew and grew to the point that my husband asked why I was wearing fake lashes to the airport!
Stinging: 1– If applied too close to the eye, it stung like crazy! 
Side Effects: 2– I got dark circles.
Applicator: 2– Thin and sparse applicator made the product dribble off, so I had to re-apply more often. 

Jan Marini (new formulation $160 – purchase here)

Effectiveness: 1– Sadly this did not work half as well as the old formulation.
Stinging: 2- Did not sting but did not work either.
Side Effects: 0- I didn’t get any dark circles
Applicator: 2 same applicator as above.

Revitalash $150 purchase here

Effectiveness: 2– This worked pretty well with the first tube but effectiveness wears off.

Stinging: 1– Be careful as this will sting.
Side Effects: 2- a bit of darkening around the upper eyelid
Applicator: 2– Again, too thin.


Talika Eyelash Lipocils $40 purchase here (**Best Value!)

Effectiveness: 2- 

This was the first I’ve ever tried. It didn’t make my lashes longer but they didn’t fall out as often.
Stinging: 3- Very minimal

Side Effects: 4 — None

Applicator: 3– It is a mascara like wand, easy application.



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  1. Have you used Rapid Lash? I used it and got the worst redness and sting..just a warning to anyone who has been thinking about using it!

  2. Wow! Great review! You did try out a lot of them. I have a couple questions.

    After you stopped using Jan Marini and Revitalash, did the side effects go away quickly?

    As I see many of them sting. So I guess not good for those with sensitive eyes or skn. What about those who wear lenses?

  3. I know this isn’t the same thing but i read an article about tubing mascara apparently it is big in Asia….have you tried this Tina. I was in Banff skiing for the last few weeks and they had the most fun little beauty shop full of Asian products so I bought a few….including the tubing mascara will let you know how I get on!


  4. Hi, yes the minute I stopped using Jan Marini my lashes were puny again. It was so disappointing as I couldn’t get the old formulation anywhere! And you know, putting mascara on puny lashes does not have the same satisfaction…….

    Revitalash was weird, it worked the first couple of months but then stopped working? Like I became immune to it or something.

    that’s when I discovered Dea Bella. It’s amazing!

    But I was told of another brand last night that I am going to test and review 🙂

  5. Has anyone done the “Latisse” yet? My local beauty shop is going to be offering it soon, they gave me the pamphlet today and I’m really curious about it!


    I’ve been using Latisse for close to a month now and I really really like it. Just to give you a little background, I’m pretty hairless. It is a blessing and a curse. I don’t have to shave my legs and have almost no hair under my arms. On the other hand, my eyebrows were so light that I decided to get them tattooed. So…guess how thin my eyelashes were? Yep…coat after coat of mascara to no avail.

    WELL…LATISSE WORKS. They should pay me for the compliments I am going to bestow up on them. This marks 3 weeks for me. They are visibly longer and thicker. I can not tell if they are really darker or not as my hair is brown. My husband also noticed. He said the corners were really long and that my eyelashes were curling and that they used tos stick straight out. I didn’t ask all of that, but it was part of his report. I can’t wait to see what the recommended two months looks like. All I know is that I’d never pay for lash extensions which cost the same as 1 month of latisse and tear your eyelashes out. This takes less than a minute every night.

  7. I was lucky enough to get my hands on a tube of Rapid Lash. When I tell you lucky I mean it! My lashes were virtually non existant and this is no exaggeration. Sparse, short and thin lashes were what I’d been dealt. …

    Exclusive video-here:of Rapid Lash-video

  8. Hello. I’ve recently just started using Enormous Lash, so I cannot comment on its effectiveness, but it is currently paraben and prostaglandin free. It HAS BEEN reformulated. The old formula contained prostagladin, but the new DOES NOT at this time. I have green eyes, so had no interest in taking a risk with something that might alter my eye color, or cause vision problems, etc. I have read many reviews about the new formula, and many people appear to have great results with it. I, personally, would still be too afraid to use Revitalash, or any of the current products on the market with prostaglandin in them. Just one word of warning to those who do; my son was born with hypo-plastic left heart syndrome, and aortic stenosis. Basically, the left side of his heart and his aorta were too small to function. He received a heart transplant, but until a heart became available (he waited for 3 mos.), prostaglandin was the drug used to keep the ductus of his heart open. BTW, they only used a couple of drops daily to do that. In my opinion, a drug that is strong enough to do something of that nature is far too dangerous to use as a beauty product. We were told that there ARE many side effects to prostaglandin when our son was receiving this drug. We were also told that it IS a powerful drug. Yes, his lashes were long and beautiful @ the ripe old age of 1 mo., but I would NOT recommend this drug to anyone who does not need it for medical purposes. I am not trying to scare anyone, just recommend that you do your research. I purchased Enormous Lash at, joined the loyalty program, and received 10% off. I received free shipping, so paid $85.50 total. Hope that helps! :o))

  9. I have been using Rapid Lash for about one week. I must tell you that my eyes are so itchy and they, also, burn a little. Not a good sign.

  10. I have been reading about Rapidlash, and thought this sounds like a good deal. Great price 1/3 of what my current brand costs. I called the makers of Rapidlash up, after reading a tube last just 1 month in the LA times! The makers said that a tube could go on and last 2 months. My current brand RevitaLash last 6 months, and I have even had a tube last 8, but using it every second day. My results by the way are a

    awesome on RevitaLash. So I paid 150 for RevitaLash, but it lasts 6 months, RapidLash is 50 for 1-2 months…just ask the manufature and look at thier brochures. I am sticking with RevitaLash, I know it works and it does not bother my eyes.

  11. Hi Ladies-

    Joining in on the convo. I have been on a quest for years to find some magic potion to grow my eyelashes longer and thicker. I am asian so have really thin fine hair everywhere. I have an allergy to most mascara so cannot use it.

    I have tried Talika, it is a great conditioner but does not do much for growth. You can get this at Sephora for around $35.

    I have tried Peter Thomas Roth, Lashes to die for. Ummm not so much, spent $125 with minimal results. Don’t waste your time or money here.

    Currently using Lilash. I have been using if for about 2 months and I have to tell you it really works. I purchased it on Ebay for $100 w/ shipping. My lashes are much thicker and longer! The applicator is like the Jan Marini one. I apply every night, only takes a few seconds. Minimal irratation for the results. My eyelids sometimes get a little itchy but i think its becuase new lashes/roots are developing. Think of it as when you wax your legs and the hair starts growing back in, the skin can tend to be dry or a little itchy. Trust me, I have really sensitive eyes and if thats the worst thing about Lilash it’s a pretty good deal. No pain, no gain.

    I wish you all luck on your quest!

    If anyone is using Rapid Lash please post our results. I want to find the most potent eyelash growth product out there. Until then I am sticking with lilash 🙂

  12. To Sharon 2:59,

    What did you do about the redness? I’ve been using Refresh Tears

    but I still have very red eyes & look awful. Thanks

  13. I am currently using rapidlash and would have to say I’m definately seeing results. I am a blonde and have always hated how my eyes looked without mascara. You could never see my lashes without at least 2 coats of mascara.

    I’ve been using rapidlash for about a month now and I see a big difference. The lashes have grown quite a bit and are almost twice as long as my natural lashes were. The color is just a little darker, not much though. Thinkness-a bit. I think that really just has to do with them falling out less often. I have very sensitive skin and will usually have a reaction if there is a possibility to have one BUT I didn’t have any burning, stinging, or itching. I’ve even accidentally gotten it in my eye a few times trying to apply it extra close.

    This is the first lash product I have used and am really happy with the results. I’m thinking of trying lilash next. Any advice? I hate to “look a gift horse in the mouth” and switch to a product that may not work but I keep hoping I’ll find one that can darken, lengthen, and thicken all at once:) but what perfect world does that exist in? Let me know if you have it!

  14. Hey everyone,

    I just wanted to drop a few lines to tell about my experience with eyelash conditioners. I was skeptical about spending a ton of money on a product that I wasn’t sure would work. I have decent lashes to start with but noticed as I have gotten older (30’s) that my lashes were not as long or as thick. I bought Lilash and have been using it regularly for five months now and I don’t know how I could live without it. It took a while to have them even out with length. There was an awkward time where they were different lengths and some were curled while others weren’t, but now they look awesome. Everyone at work comments on my lashes almost daily.

    One of my co-workers wants to try Rapid lash instead because it is cheaper, so I have been trying to find out what people think. I am afraid to switch because I have had such good luck with Lilash and do not want to have to start all over again if my amazing lashes were to fall out. But $120 is a lot to spend on a lash product. I will stay tuned to see if anyone has anything else has to say about Rapid lash.

  15. If you stop using Revitalash, do your eyelashes just go back to what they normally look like? I’ve seen people write that their eyelashes fall out (which is a scary thought), but I’m assuming this is only that you lose the extra ones that were grown with the Revitalash. Does anyone have any insight on this?

    And, how long till the Revitalash effects wear off?

  16. Neulash review

    Years of using extensions. I now consider ending my relationship with my extensions.

    I used Neulash for 12 weeks. I went from nolash to neulash. Not kidding, being asian, absolutely no lashes, it was hard to attach the extensions to any lashes that´s how hairless I am. Nowadays I have enormous lashes for me, for normal people I have long lashes. The effect does not wear of, I am going to keep on and see how long they can become. I will keep you posted, if anyone is interested.

  17. Hi ladies,

    I have been using Revitalash since last April. I must say that by June I had amazing lashes, some were rediculously long for a while. One thing I noticed is that some simply refuse to curl with the last curler, even when I heat it with the dryer. I have noticed in the past few months while my lashes are still much thicker, the length has tapered off a bit, and I use it religously, but it is definately not as effective as it was 9 months ago. I do also notice they fall out quicker, but replacement is faster too. It doesnt do much for my brows, they are still kind of sparse. At $150.00 I guess its worth it, but wish it was as effective as it was in the beginning, maybe I should try going off of it for a few weeks.

  18. Enormous lash caused my eyes to become red and itchy. Revitalash works really well for the past 2 yrs, but had to stop because of permanent spots on my iris.

  19. I just wanted to point out that when eyelash extensions are not applied properly they will cause your lashes to fall out in chunks leaving you with space lashes and gaps along the lash line (until they grow back again). when eyelash extensions are applied properly, one false lash to one natural lash one by one, they WILL NOT cause any damage to your natural lashes. When the lashes are applied one by one it allows the other lashes to grow independently so it can go through their natural cycle without any interference. If you like to take a look at some examples of girls with extensions you can take a look here;
    The serums are great but it does take time for it to be effective. With eyelash extensions you will get the immediate wow factor. Also, practicing good hygiene also promotes healthy lash growth 🙂