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Tod’s Bauletto “Helmut” Tote


I am proclaiming this new “Helmut” tote from Tod’s to be the perfect tote. If you are looking for longevity, chic without being trendy and ultimately functional there is nothing more snob worthy than a Tod’s, this Tod’s in particular. When choosing THE tods_bauletto_python.pngbag, your one and only, there are a lot to consider. First think about your needs and lifestyle because this will determine the size and features you’ll require, like adequate pockets, interior organization, shoulder length, closure and material. And let’s face it girls, size does matter! If you choose one that is too small for your needs or too big and cumbersome, you will end up shelving it and having to buy another. I always test out a new bag by emptying my bag’s contents into it make sure everything fits where it should with room to spare for a cardigan or scarf! This bag has it all!! It comes in 3 sizes, in a variety of colors (in addition to the colors you see here, there is chocolate, shell, teal, magenta and army green) and in either leather or python. It has more organization than my entire life put together; outer pockets aside, the interior has 2 compartments with specific pockets for gadgets, makeup and everything else. The zipper closure opens all the way to the bottom so you get full view and full access. The shoulder straps are the perfect length and width to stay on, even with a coat on. What more can I say? Oh yes, the price of course. The larger tote is 17″ x 14″ for $1765, the smaller is $1595. The python is the smallest at 14″ x8.5″ and is $2525, which is incredibly well priced for a python! That small size also comes in leather for $1495. Call Carla at the Beverly Hills Tod’s boutique at 310-285-0591 to purchase. A note on the name of this bag, there was a Helmut last season that looks nothing like this bag but for some reason, this is also called the Helmut.



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  1. I’m with Mette. While I love Helmut’s minimalism, these look very Banana Republic-ish. The lack of structure & form seem to signal a lack of creativity in the design process. Loving the 17″ sizing for my beloved Macboo, BUT, the silhouette simply screams 1992 – post yuppie splurge days gone by. I won’t even entertain you all with my thoughts on the lackadaisical the colored choices.

  2. Frankly I don’t understand why you like it, it’s so conventional ! Yhe form, the proportion, only banality.

    I’m looking for something exceptional, original; in italian bags I prefer Prada and Miu Miu.

  3. A friend has an old longchamp, looks alot like this, and she can’t wear it out,

    and the style is great. This looks like a bag that would work forever, and the fully

    open zip makes it relaxing to find something, an element I have come to appreciate.

    I would certainly look deep at this bag.

  4. You are right about the open zip functionality — I find it stressful looking for things in a bag with a small opening. It is definitely more efficient not to have to feel your way throught the contents of a bag just to find something — especially when you need it instantly.

  5. You are right about the open zip functionality. It is stressful to feel your way through the bag to find things you need in an instant, something which I find doing frequently with bags that have small openings.

  6. I absolutely agree with Kelly — Tod’s bags are great. I pre-ordered this bag in Luce color a week ago from a department store (by the way, I felt they had better pics of the bags than Tod’s website), can’t wait.

  7. I am glad to see that so many people like this bag as much as I do!

    For any further information on the bag call Carla at the Tod’s boutique in Beverly Hills at 310-285-0591.

    If you want to see the bag in person but can’t make it to the store, they do offer consignments.

    Happy shopping!

  8. I am so glad that so many people love the bag as much as I do!

    If you are interested in more information about the bag you can call Carla at the Beverly Hills boutique at 310-285-0591.

    They also offer consignments if you are not able to make it into the store and want to see the bag in person.