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YSL Pure Lip Gloss #49


“A cosmetic jewel that turns lips into a spectacular fashion statement.”

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This lip gloss gave me an orgasm the first time I saw it! …YSL Pure Gloss #49 is a limited edition color, only 500 of these were distributed to Bloomingdales within the US. Why should we limit wearing black to our clothes? This gloss is so chic!! I have seriously worn this lipgloss every day since I bought it. You can mute it down by blending a dot of it with clear gloss, or go all out for a girls night on the town. I will be in Vegas this weekend, and you better believe that YSL #49 will be in my clutch as well as on my lips šŸ˜‰

Yves Saint Laurent Gloss Pur Black $28.00

I really liked the results this gloss gave me! Regarding the comment about the gloss possibly looking ‘goth’- You can see that in the bright lighting with my pale skin, it could definitely be interpreted that way. But under club lighting, the gloss was fabulous and dramatic!! I tried it on in Bloomingdales before I bought it.

Here is the gloss right after I put it on, in bright lighting….


…Here is the gloss several hours later (without a reapplication)



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  1. Wow black lip gloss…i’m not sure on this one….can you post pictures with it on your lips and mixed with the clear gloss?!


  2. It looks so much better than I imagined, I was expecting a very black shade…probably thinking too much of add campaigns when they can possibly paint the girls lips much darker!

    You and the gloss look fabulous…I am going to hunt one down in the UK!