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Bag Envy: Gwynnie’s Tod’s Bauletto Helmut Bag

todsbag.jpgI have been ape over the purple python Tod’s Bauletto Helmut bag ever since Kelly wrote about it and swore it’s going to be my next treat (the leather is nice but the python, that is spectacular!).  I kept thinking it’d eventually go on sale (everything goes on sale!) so I haven’t made the move but now that I see Gwyn running around town with it I am pissed I didn’t jump on it first (okay so I’m also pissed I’m not 5’11” but that’s an issue we’ll discuss another time). 

By the way, just want to say this is the perfect example of how a fabulous bag will make your outfit.  Gwyn appears to be wearing her hubby’s shapeless cardigan and her baby’s blanket but still, she looks stylish because of the bag.  Yes yes it’s a functional bag but I’m mainly sold on the to die for color– it is such a gorgeous shade of purple!

The python version is $2,525 (very reasonable!) plus it’s only 14″ wide- perfect for me. But I am officially on a major bag diet. Someone picked up a matte crocodile Birkin in Gris Elephant (the most fabulous neutral shade- with a tinge of olive and gray) today and is not allowed to buy another bag for like, a year. So for now, I’ll just sit here green with envy over Gwyn’s bag and hope that it does goes on sale.  Call Justin at Tod’s to order!  214-363-6600 Tod’s Bauletto bags also at



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  1. tina, you have got to write an entry on the GRIS elephant croc birkin! that is TDF and i have yet to see one in real life! major congratulations!

  2. This Tods bag has so much more pop in the purple python!! Do share pics of your new baby…still look forward to seeing your purple/raisen birkin! Your one lucky lady has your new bag wardrobe been finished now…you may need to extend it already with all the new season beauties hitting the shelves soon!

    BTW thanks for the fabulous oppourtunity you gave us to chat to Nancy..your definatley at the fore front of the bloggers!

    Safe trip to you and Kelly to NY…looking forward to your posts!


  3. Love this bag, the color is FABULOUS, I just wish it was a tad bigger…

    Lottie, did you read my comment to you under the bow ysl bag?


  4. I am on the hunt for a blue Tod’s…probably a great dream right now…have to pick up more hours at work to feed the need haha…please, pics of the Birkin! You lucky woman!

    Everyone be well!