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Dior Bee Tote


It has been a while since a Dior bag has made me stop to fancy it. I am a mom so I love totes, I have to make sure I have room for dolls and games, sometimes even entire Lego buildings. This Bee Tote has the classic cannage criss cross stitching but just on the side, which makes all the difference in the world. If it were all over, suddenly you have a major old lady bag. The loose pocket in the front is so carefree and casual, it makes it so it doesn’t feel like the Dior your mom has. The slouchy shape also takes me away from that boxy square quilted tote that I cannot stand! And the name is so vibrant and youthful, I imagine myself zipping around with this. It’s perfect for travel, the front pocket for boarding pass and the adjustable straps to accommodate for the coat that you have to wear cuz you’ll need a whole ‘nother suitcase just for it. It comes in 2 sizes, the medium is 16.5″ x 12.5″ for $1850 and the large is 19″ x 17″ for $1990. The red is the perfect shade you want – deep, rich and not too bright. The taupe is also really pretty with just a hint of sheen if you need to be more subdued. At Neiman Marcus.



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  1. Richly gorgeous colours, sublime textures, but something about the shape is a bit sully. Not sure if it’s a tad diaper bag-ish, or just plain ole saggy. Sizing seems ideal to me on my never ending quest for the ideal campus tote. I’d spring for the taupe, as the sheen is super siren sexy. But, something is keeping my fingers from ordering…