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KOTUR “Astier d’Abo” Valentine’s Clutch

koturvalentines.jpgThis gorgeous sparkling red clutch will glamourize any outfit this Valentine’s day. Fiona Kotur Marin has created a special edition Astier d’Abo Valentine’s Day clutch for her KOTUR collection that makes for a perfect piece in any Valentine’s gift guide. Like many of KOTUR’s Spring 2009 designs, the Astier d’Abo special edition clutch is made from beautifully handcrafted Swarovski crystals and is a gorgeous piece for that special occasion or special someone.

I expect to see plenty of KOTUR clutches at the Oscars this month (yes! We are going to be doing Red Carpet interviews at the Oscars this year and attend a fabulous after party at Mr. Chows!) and will actually be sporting one myself. The d’Abo clutch is uber popular with A list stars because it fits in the palm of their hand and doesn’t distract from their fabulous gowns. Plus it is so delicate and ladylike. This is a limited edition clutch so you’ll need to contact Kotur asap to get your hands on one! $1,449 at Kotur website.

4 thoughts on “KOTUR “Astier d’Abo” Valentine’s Clutch

  1. I Love KOTUR clutches-I’m thinking I might need one of these.

    Now, I just have to decide what color!!


  2. Oooops…Forgot to say—–GO STEELERS!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hi B- glad to hear you are a Steelers fan! That game was nerve wracking, so glad the Steelers won!

  4. I haven’t been able to comment all day. Love the Kotur clutches too.

    And sorry, Cardinals fan here.

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