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Marc Jacobs Hillary Dome


I am super loving this relaxed and totally stylish ruffled tote from Marc Jacobs, and it is not because I drank the Kool-Aid at his show -I saw this bag way before then. The only thing you have to consider is that I am writing this review after I was seated front row at the show (but so was everyone else). It has been 5 years since I bought Marc Jacobs and it has been that long since he has done something totally new that isn’t ridiculous. I am not a girly girl so something totally ruffly would not be for me but this is feminine with edge. It has the needlepoint knitted handle which sounds old lady-ish but here it is given new life. It is covered with leather so it stays comfortably on. Living in LA has lots of advantages but the biggest is being able to wear pretty much pajamas as long as you have a great bag like this to look like you thought about it for much longer than you’re supposed to. I love this more than the new bags he has for Fall, which is very lady-like, almost Chanel like, with quilts and chains. This one I will take now! At Neiman Marcus for $1695. Marc Jacobs also available at




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