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NYX Cosmetics ROCK!!


I have come to rely on different brands to create different looks, like Bobbi Brown for my every day natural look and MAC when I want to be a rockstar. But NYX is a brand that can create any look with their wide variety of products and colors. It is definitely worth mentioning that I found my ALL TIME FAVORITE EYESHADOW while checking out this line, a trio called “GURU” (the image below). The gold shade on the left side of the palette has become my “go to” color for daytime and evenings, and the consistency of the powder is unbelievably soft and durable for a mere $8.00 =). Also worth noting is their fabulous selection of false eyelashes, which are some of my favorite accessories for glaming up and going out. Yet another great product from NYX is their sturdy and professional cosmetic cases. I don’t know about you, but I had a terrible time trying to find cases for my makeup that were sturdy and utility oriented- I LOVE the tool belt and the medium case! Beauty Snob <3 NYXGURU.jpg


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