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Oscar Party at Mr. Chow


Leeza Gibbons, Olivia Newton-John and David Foster hosted a party at Mr. Chow to benefit the Make a Difference network on Oscar night. I was honored to be invited by Glam Media to help make a difference and also to have fun while doing so! The night began with a lovely dinner during the Oscar viewing and was followed by a tented party in the back. There was free flowing Patron luges, which accounts for my headache, and performances by Olivia Newton-John and Michael Buble but it was Charise who brought down the house. She is the 16 year old Oprah discovered and if you have not heard her sing, go to You Tube immediately and prepare to sob. Of course all the A-Listers were at Vanity Fair but this party got its fair share of celebrities including Jessica Biel who showed up in Oscar de la Renta right off the runway. When I saw her I was like, that gown looks so familiar and then I realized I saw it just last week in New York!! Amazing choice, she should have worn this to the show instead of the Prada. Also in attendance were Hilary Duff, Paris Hilton, Laila Ali, Mario Lopez, Alfonso Ribeiro (who has not aged well but was entertaining to watch as he did his Michael Jackson dance), Mellisa Gilbert, Rex Lee and Forest Whitaker, who I had the pleasure to meet. I wore the most amazing 3 piece gown by Eduaro Lucero who made me look slim and sexy! And my VBH Manila Stretch Shiny Alligator clutch was insanely fabulous, it was a deep burgundy red with a black satin trim. Jump for a picture.


Forest Whitaker was the big man at the Oscar last year but this year he laid low and partied with his close friends. I am a huge fan, I have been following his work since The Crying Game. I went to say hi and he was so nice, we talked about his work and he tried really hard to chat but it was toward the end of the night when things got a bit fuzzy so he just smiled. Apparently, I thought I was his new BFF by how close I cuddled up to him for this picture. I guess those Patron shots got to me, too! =)


VBH Manila Stretch Alligator Clutch

Is this not the most amazing thing you’ve ever seen? The giant scales on this thing was borderline over the top decadent! I tried to get pictures of me at the event with it but with the lighting and all that, it just didn’t do it justice so I took one right now. VBH is known for his envelope clutches, they are so precious and beautiful I can’t even tell you how in love I am with it. I was lucky enough to sit down with the designer of VBH last week, please check back tomorrow for the entire Snobfile coverage of Vernon Bruce Hoeksema.



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  1. Patron shots?? YUM!—Good Times for you my sister!! you look FAB! LOVE LOVE LOVE your VBH clutch!! I MUST HAVE IT!! =)

    Now this OLDR dress JB is wearing is AMAZING!! I was the thinking the samething when I saw it, I thought, she should have worn that on the red carpet!!!

  2. Kelly, first i want to say you look very pretty, the makeup is very flattering…also you are on target re Jessica Biele..her oscar dress was a mess, this purple number is gorgeous!