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Red Carpet Beauty: Lisa Rinna


Is this Raquel Welch?

Why does Lisa Renna look so strange? Her face is as stiff as her hair. And her lips, let’s not discuss the lips that she says are natural. Um, yeah, okay.

I don’t know why people do this to themselves, do they not own a mirror or have a best friend to say, “stop it, you look crazy!?”?

What do you think, snob or slob?

10 thoughts on “Red Carpet Beauty: Lisa Rinna

  1. SNOB!!! I don’t remember which magazine it was, but she actually acknowledged the lip injections were a mistake and admitted that she did indeed look like a

  2. OMG!! She looks HORRIBLE! What did she do to her face? This is what happens when you overdose on botox and lip injections. Very bad….

  3. Jessica S on said:

    She looks completely crazy.

  4. OMG…what in the hell happened?! She looks HORRENDOUS.

  5. She doesn’t even look like herself. They all want to look younger but the turn out to be alien like. What are they thinking??

  6. i think u need to change the title of this post to “Red Carpet Horror”….she is not a beauty.

  7. Is her hair even real? It really freaks me out.

  8. Beauty Snob Tina on said:

    LOL, you are right ds!

    It’s a total Red Carpet Nightmare!

  9. Sad. She needs to talk to a professional. Her sense of self is so distorted. She looks like she suffered an injury so swollen

  10. Two words, train wreck.

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