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Senna Cosmetics Voluptulash


I have been wearing these lashes even though I felt they were a bit too much and dramatic for day but they look so good so I just didn’t care. But to my surprise everyone is asking me if they are my real lashes. Even Tina thought I was bathing myself in eyelash grow conditioner or something because she couldn’t tell, even on close inspection, if they were false lashes. I think the trick is in the criss cross design as well as the graduated length. I don’t even put mascara over them, usually that helps to mask the fakeness. I have been lash obsessed and tried every kind – Shu Uemura, Makeup Forever, MAC, Laura Mercier, even drugstore brands. My search is over, I am ordering a dozen of these. The only thing that looks more natural are the individual lashes but those are a pain in the ass and these go on in literally 10 seconds. These are reusable but you have to be careful when removing them. I use a Q-tip with make up remover to run along the lash line, this also saves your real lashes from being pulled out. Use tweezers to remove excess glue from the band, I ruined a pair because I tried to pull it off with my fingers and ended up yanking a row of lashes off. These are the best things ever for sexy, flirty, big eyes!! At Senna Cosmetics for $17.



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