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Snob Quiz- Mary Kate’s Bag

UPDATE: This is from Alexander Wang’s Fall ’09 collection! MK was gifted the bag from Alex– lucky girl! I’m harassing him as we speak to get more details and have been told that it will be on the shelves of Barneys by Mid July.


I adore the Olsen twins. No matter what people say about them, they just keep plugging along and running their empire. These Mini Moguls have accomplished much in their young lives including success in the fashion industry with their line of simple basics, The Row (yes I am a secret fan). What’s next for the twins? I predict their own bag line.

Just for fun, can anyone guess what bag Mary Kate is toting? Love the studs, love the shape, and it’s a fun slouchy bag with just a bit of attitude. I dread finding out the price as I’m waiting for its PR reps to reply. If it’s within reason I might pick it up as my Trend bag of the season.



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  1. Hello my darlings,

    I just heard from ALEXANDER WANG– this bag is from Fall 09 and there is not available info yet… it was a gift to MK from Alex…

    I am going to stalk him until I get it. lol


  2. Hi darling B

    I just heard back from Alex’s girls– it will be available in July!!! Get your name on one at Barneys! That’s my recommendation! xoxo

  3. Hey Tina, did they give you any info on cost? Also do you have any contacts at Barneys that I could speak to so I possibly get my name on the list?! Is it a textured leather or skin?

    Thank you.


    P.S. B I read a comment from Tina about a Tic tac what is this sounds intriguging. Hope you and your family are well, do you have any more wonderful summer vacations booked! I’m off to LA in March with my sister to pick up her wedding dress…can’t wait for some LA sunshine..we have snow here!!

  4. Hi Lottie-LA trip for you-how fun!!! do lunch at the Ivy!!!

    one of my FAV place to eat!! good shopping on the same block as well!!! I know bout the snow. my cousin sent me loads of pix from her home in london, (very nice) no trips thus for me me planned, maybe a trip here and there to LA as well. driving distance for me (3 1/2 to 4 hours)…the tic tac toe, is something I came across on my mooch, SO CUTE!! bought one for me and for our Bagsnob gals!! maybe tina can post a pic of it for you!! its a tic tac toe set with bags and shoes as the pieces to play tic tac toe with, (if that makes any sense)

  5. Wow that is good…when I say jaw dropping I immediately thought it was going to be mega bucks!! If anyone has a contact at barneys..please let me know as I would love this bag…an often London doesn’t get everything!


  6. that sounds so cute!! Let me know if you get on a list with this bag B…and then I will have ago, will not get my hopes up remember the Bern bags!! Got them in the end thanks to you.

    We did the Ivy last year when we went find the wedding dress…I love Mr Chows too, tina and kelly a while back mentioned a good luncheon place in LA but can’t for the life of me think what it was called…always good to have lunch on a street with great shops!