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Snob Quiz – Kim Raver at Dennis Basso

Kim Raver_Dennis Basso.jpgWe visited a lot of showrooms this trip and saw really great bags but this is the hottest ones by FAR!! And then we get this image of Kim Raver already being hip and cool at Fashion Week with our new love.

Win a Bag Snob bag hook AND a Bag Snob tee shirt if you can name the designer of this super luxury line.

You probably are more familiar with his clutch collection but I am telling you, there is an extensive line of ultra edgy and amazingly well made bags of exotic skins and luxe leather. There is also a jewelry line that Tina and I literally drooled over. They keep it in a real bank vault in the basement! The quality of this line is un-matched, well, maybe Hermes is a tad more meticulous and anal but not by much. We will show you more from the collection soon, along with an interview with the handsome designer.

Put your answer in comments by Sunday Feb. 22nd at 11:59pm EST. I will select one winner through a random drawing from all the correct answers. One entry per person please. And make sure you leave a working email so we can contact you when you win.

41 thoughts on “Snob Quiz – Kim Raver at Dennis Basso

  1. VBH- The shop is in a former bank. The jewels are kept in the safe…downstairs.

    I own the bag in beige and brown.

  2. VBH; that bag is HOT!

  3. V. Bruce Hoeksema… aka VBH… aka the makers of the most GORGEOUS clutches known to man!! FYI- your blog helps me get through the day (I’m a broker and this is my little respite from angry clients yelling about the stockmarket). Thanks for such a wonderful site!!

  4. VBH


  5. VBH!

    Pick me! πŸ˜‰

  6. VBH!

    Pick me! πŸ˜‰

  7. (Sorry about the double post! Don’t know what’s going on with my computer…)

  8. VBH! Gorgeous clutches!

  9. Thee OH-SO-FABULOUS!!! VBH!!!

  10. VBH. Love the clutches :)

  11. VBH! The bags are too die for :)

  12. I had no idea VBH made bags this funky. I’m going to go with VBH as well. Gorgeous!

  13. VBH!!!

    check out my fashion week reviews at !

  14. The bags are made in Florence by VBH:

    V. Bruce Hoeksema, whom I believe is ex-pres of Valentino.

  15. VBH…so far I’ve only liked their clutches, but this bag is way cooool…

  16. The bag is VBH

  17. VBH πŸ˜‰

  18. VBH!

    His designs are sooo amazing!

  19. VBH, talk about stunning!

  20. Shawna Allen on said:

    VBH – love the design departure.

  21. Alex Malloy on said:

    VBH-Love this bag!

  22. Diane McMahon on said:

    Love the look of VBH

  23. VBH, of course.

  24. V. Bruce Hoeksema – VBH!

  25. pkosminsky on said:


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