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The Y Bow from YSL: Snob or Slob?

yslybow.jpgI was on the fence about The Y Bow from YSL when I first received images from YSL PR but the more I look at it (and saw in person) the more I am digging the perfectly tailored and pleated bows! Generally bows on a bag are girly and frou frou but from YSL- it manages to be chic and sexy. Plus it adds sassy personality to a basic (boring) doctor style satchel. However, the downside is its huge size– 17″ wide will make this a piece of luggage for me but still on a tall Bag Snob it will be fabulous.  I also like how the Y logo is cleverly incorporated into the design of the bag without being obnoxious.  For me this is a Snob.  What about you?  Snob or Slob?  $1,795 At YSL boutiques and at  (Jump for more pics)


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15 thoughts on “The Y Bow from YSL: Snob or Slob?”

  1. I say slob…I much prefer the plain Y bag in the pebbled and patent leather versions…I think it’s the easy bag? not sure, the bows are still too frou frou for me, sorry tina! lol

  2. Tina I love this, its fun flirty and the size is perfect for me…SNOB!!!!

    Lottie–Your thinking of the Daily Grill. And for the Alexander Wang studded bag call Lisa @ Barneys in NYC 212-833-2326..(she is expecting your call)..GOOD LUCK!!!! =)


  3. Snob! I’m loving the chicness of this bow although I’m not a huge fan of this shape of bag I love the bow curves to fit it.

  4. I love, love, love this bag. The design is so girly, but classy at the same time. And looks very roomy inside which is exactly what I need :) I tend to carry small suitcases on my shoulder 😉 Definitely SNOB!

  5. This I love and the price is right at $1,795 and NOT nylon. Always found the classic Muse bag boring. The bows on this one add sex appeal and character.


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