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Alexander McQueen Squeeze it Clutch


mqsqueeze.jpgClutches can get boring– it’s hard to come up with unique and edgy designs without bordering on the ridiculous!  The bow tie clutch silhouette has been done by many but none as cool as this one from Alexander McQueen.  I have to admit I used to sneak a cigarette here and there in my 20’s because I stupidly thought it was glamorous and sexy to smoke.  Well McQueen has captured the glamour with the smoke effect is embroidered on to smooth black satin on this oversized clutch (40cm/16″ wide!).  But the shape allows you to hold it comfortably in your hands so you don’t have to cradle it like a baby.  I love the sleek bar hinge closure but don’t worry, there are also hidden magnetic fastenings on each side so your things won’t fall out.  Alexander McQueen Squeeze It Clutch $1,180 at

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11 thoughts on “Alexander McQueen Squeeze it Clutch”

  1. What a sumptuously sensual design? It made me want to stroke my screen, as I took a double take on the airy light effectual design. Haven’t been following McQueen’s arm candy collection of handbags, but this is such an extraordinary feat of texture, one that makes me want to see more. Perfect for late night Casablanca strolls to Rick’s Cafe.

  2. I was absolutely in love with this clutch when I first saw it myself! I can even see it transitioning to a darker day look.


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