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Anya Hindmarch Faustine Clutch

We all have those Goldilocks moments, Is this clutch too big? Is it too small? Is it too boring? Or is it too bright? Is it too trendy? Or is it totally 5 minutes ago? Is it too summery? Or not summery enough? This is the clutch you need that is just right. The clutch is 14″ x 9″ which is big for a clutch but perfect for day. The bright summery orange or yellow patent leather trim is all you need to mark the season while the straw keeps it nice and neutral. Anya Hindmarch bags are timeless, yet spot on when it comes to style. Like I said, we could all add this to our routine! This is the easiest clutch to pack for travel and while at home this touch of sunshine will make you feel like you’re on vacation! At Anya Hindmarch for $525.

6 thoughts on “Anya Hindmarch Faustine Clutch

  1. These so remind me of the bigger bags below( Hardy,etc.). I couldn´t be less interested, sorry.

  2. This reminds me of Pierre Hardy even more than a Tila March you mentioned below does. Why a double standard?

  3. Ditto on the Hardy look-a-likes. Always love me some Hindmarch, but these look like the knock-offs. So, two posts ago.

  4. Anonymous on said:

    5 minutes ago? more like 40 years ago. bleh

  5. I love them, chic simplicity, yet confident colours

  6. This Anya hindmarch handbag reminds me of rose, especially the red one. It’s absolutely an elegance.

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