Balenciaga Fall 2009


balenciagadressfa09.jpgNicolas Ghesquière constantly surprises and amazes me; I did not expect this girly and fem collection but I love it! “High tech is over,” he declared before showing his Balenciaga collection. “And the clubbing.” In its place are softly draped skirts and prettily folded dresses with meticulous tailoring; very “Parisian” as Ghesquière describes it. The Hôtel de Crillon offered a sophisticated backdrop for Balenciaga Fall 2009 collection that is probably the most commercial one Ghesquière has ever shown.

I am intrigued by the draped skirts; I’d have to try it on to determine its wearability but from the photos it looks they’d hide flaws and accentuate waists. I am not as crazy for the floral dresses with wide shoulders like the one on the left, it’s not flattering on 6′ tall and tres slim models so I can’t imagine what it will look like on an average girl. For those who are shopping the shows– I’d stick with the draped skirts, pick up a cinched jacket or sequined dress and call it a season.


3 thoughts on “Balenciaga Fall 2009

  1. Love Balenciaga but this new look will take getting used to!

    the wrap skirts are cute, the dresses i am not as crazy about.

  2. Kaytey on said:

    Those poofy pants/skirts/whatever it is they’re wearing hearken back to the “sirwal” of the Ottoman empire… And I think those were mean’s clothing. Anyway, I don’t like them. They seem misplaced.

  3. [vogue] on said:

    I love how consistent he is with his collections. This one’s colour palette is fresh and really wearable!

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