Bally Bohemian Floral Hobo: Snob or Slob?


I have been eyeing Bally bags for a year now and am quite impressed with Brian Atwood‘s efforts thus far.  I am even swayed by this floral hobo… a bit.  It’s not really my style but I see the appeal in the beautifully embroidered flowers and the gorgeous colors for a boho chic girl.  This could have been really tacky but Bally really pulled off the look without offending the senses.  Even the price is fairly reasonable at $1,173 considering the handiwork!

It’s a large suede hobo which is usually best in Fall but the spring flowers will allow you to rock this all year long.

I saw Bally everywhere in London and Paris on the arms of the nonchalantly chic.  I’d love to carry this with a whispery white summer dress. See BALLY – FLORAL EMBROIDERED HOBO SHOULDER BAG here.

What do you think?  Snob or Slob?

18 thoughts on “Bally Bohemian Floral Hobo: Snob or Slob?

  1. Love!!! SNOB

  2. Agree, SNOB, I love it too.

  3. Not for me, but I can see Kate Hudson pulling it off.

  4. Somehow this bag reminds me of the cheap Spanish bags tourists would buy ages ago from Mallorca and other places. Therefore I say-slob !

  5. Jocelyn on said:

    Shudder. This is a slob for sure. It reminds me of those embroidered jeans that people used to wear. Yuck yuck yuck. I HATE this bag (love brian atwood tho!)

  6. jackie on said:

    Snob! I love Kate Hudson and this is very me.

  7. Disgusting!

  8. Monica on said:

    The bag is a nice design with all the perfect details – except the flowers. Wouldn’t surprise me to see the same thing at Sheplers with matching cowboy boots.

  9. I think it’s pretty. Snob :-)

  10. Love the bag, the flowers don’t need to be there.

    so sorry, good bag but slob

  11. U G L Y, you ain’t got no alibi, you’re ugly!

    (nasty cheer from the 80′)

  12. I agree with Sue (very funny.) Totally not for me…

  13. very pretty bag, even though it’s not for me..but i definitely can see some of my bohemian friends with this.

  14. lipvixen on said:

    Slob! The flowers ruin the gorgeous bag. Hoped they would use a different print like dragonflies, lady bugs or even grapes. Not flowers…

    White or cream would be a better color with pastel print.

  15. sol sol on said:

    maybe in a different colour…like purple

  16. divnanata on said:

    This looks like something Isabella Fiore would have done three years ago – the last time Boho chic was happening. Not very original but I still kinda like it.

  17. Nikella on said:

    I loooove this bag. I had to jump through hoops to get the last avaiable one in Germany. For 40% off. The leather is absolutely perfect. Very soft and beautiful. I looks so much better “in person”.

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