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Dior Le Trente Drawstring


I had a glass of wine with dinner when I saw this tote online so I waited until this morning to do my review in case I wasn’t seeing or thinking clearly but Dior’s Le Trente Drawstring Toteicon is interesting and fun to me. Okay, so anything that’s not a complete hideous mess from Dior is a joy to behold so maybe this is why I’m cutting them some slack.  The drawstring tote isn’t new to Dior but adding the foldover ruffle around the edges is actually cute and will be great with floaty summer frocks.  I don’t even mind the dangling charm though I’d cut it off and hand it to my toddler to play with.  I will have to go look at it tomorrow at the Dior boutique to give my final assessment but seriously, A for effort.  Size is 16″x12″, Dior Le Trente Drawstring Tote $1,950 at Saks.comicon



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  1. I´m thinking very clearly now and I´m not liking what I see. This bag has the details ( the drawstring,the chain with the leather, plus the hanging logo ) that makes it ` over cute´. Definitely not my style.

  2. I like it because it’s so cute. They kind of look like tulips. The black is a better option in my opinion. It has been a long dry spell at dior, I’ll agree with that.

  3. They have a beige/nude in this which is pretty cool too.

    its lambskin n amazingly soft, the chain details are pretty too.. everything seems ok though. The bags nice there’s nothing really wrong with it but definitely nothing insanely right either.

  4. Okay, I’m really glad you commented on this bag because every time I see it in an add, I think that it’s the first Dior bag in a long time that I really like. I like the quilted style even more.

  5. Yup, was thinking the same the other day myself. A step in the right direction. The new charm tag is also less offensive than the giant logos.

  6. I like it…it’s very different then what has been out lately, which is a good thing for Dior…although, it’s not on the “musthaveit” list.

  7. I have been haunting Dior for a few years looking for the bag I couldn’t leave without. I bought a black LE 30 in Vegas and love it!

  8. But have you seen the metallic gold model – that’s the one that really caught my eye and made me a fan of this bag.