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Estee Lauder Vivid Garden Illuminating Powder


Kick start your summer with a healthy glow from Estee Lauder’s summer Vivid Garden illuminating powder. I am now officially in summer mode now that we’re in daylight savings time. I get a bit of color during the summer no matter how much sunblock I use so I put away from bronzer and use a light and subtle blush like this beautiful new combination for a brightening glow. This swirly flower pattern gives you lots of options, you can use the lighter shades as highlights for brow bones and under the eyes (it makes you look fresh and alert!) and use more pink on the cheeks if you want more color. The slight smidge of gold will warm your natural tone for added radiance. Plus, the flowers are so pretty you just want to have it with you all summer long to remind you how beautiful life is =) I am in a gooshy mood today, can you tell? At Estee Lauder for $32.



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