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Frugal Snob: Olivia Harris Round Sac for Fall 09

oliviaharrisroundsac.jpgI have come to the conclusion that jet setting is for young people. I used to hop on planes weekly to international destinations and never gave jet lag a thought– it was all fun and exciting and I seemed to require little or no sleep. I’d fly to Hong Kong from LA– attend a few parties or shop and fly to Taiwan as if it were driving from Malibu to Santa Monica. Fast forward to 2009 and you’ll find me tired, grumpy and sometimes very sick after trips (such was the case last month when I arrived home from Fashion Week and could not bring myself to get on another plane to attend the Oscars 36 hours later). The trip to NYC this week really knocked me out as well. I’m finally home this morning and can barely crawl out of bed so guess where I am working from today?

The good news is I visited half a dozen bag showrooms and saw some really fabulous bags coming up for Fall 2009 (at reasonable prices to boot!)  JUMP FOR MORE!


First up is my personal favorite from uber bag designer Joy Gryson. Olivia Harris is her line of affordable and hip bags that all girls should own. The “Round Sac

is as cool as bags get– urban chic style with plenty of functionality.

The ultra lightweight tote is made of Italian distressed lambskin which

will get softer and more fabulous with use.  The front pocket may be

used zipped up or unzipped for that 80’s Micahel Jackson groove.  There

are also very discreet studs on the corners of the bag and the bottom

that gives it a bit of edge without screaming I’m a trendoid.  Great

tote for daily use or for travel– it fits laptop, magazines (yes I

still read them!) and all the other must haves I can’t live without on

a daily basis.  I begged Joy to let me buy this but it was their only

sample.  She did promise I’ll get the first off the production line,

perks to being Bag Snob.  Available in espresso (above), gray and a

gorgeous distressed brown.  Call your SA at Saks or Bergdorf’s to

inquire about availability but they should hit the shelves around July!  Or check out Gryson website here

Now, ready for the retail price?  Remember, it’s Italian lambskin.  Okay, hold your breath…  $395,

yup, I’m not kidding!  Of course I got the espresso and ordered a cream

color for Resort 09.  And yes, it a little similar in shape to the Givenchy Sacca I have but it’s way lighter and easier to use without the cumbersome chain shoulder strap.   



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  1. No way this is $400! I can’t believe it! Do you know when it will be released, and do you think there will be a big waitlist for it? Oh, I think I love it! It’s so functional, but still so this-season and trendy… but then it seems like it will look just as nice for years to come. And the leather looks soooo soft! *Swoon*!


  2. Hi ashley!

    I know, right? I fell off my chair when they told me the retail price! I believe it will be available on the Gryson website and at Saks in May!!!

  3. It’s not available until JULY!



  4. i love that bag, and the price! but if it’s for fall 09, doesn’t that mean it will show up in stores in july/august, not may?

  5. Finally, a cool bag that has its finger on our “new” economy’s pulse. Just goes to show you the extreme mark up on most higher end brands. Ms. Gryson, you have at least one new fan (and I’m betting a lot more)….bravo! Good Nancy Drew work, Tina.

  6. I am trying to find the bag in the distressed brown that you guys like so much. Is that the color called Wood? Saks has the bag in Wood and Black Espresso. Thanks!

  7. Help! I have been waiting for this bag to come out for months and I live in the UK. I thought all would be ok as Saks show prices in pounds, so I didn’t think there would be a problem in getting it sent over to the UK. However, at checkout the site said something about not stocking this internationally. How am I going to get my hands on this bag?!? I just went back into the Saks site, and now it is sold out for internet orders!! Any ideas what I can do?