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Look of the Week: High Low Studding

headbandstuds.jpgAnyone who grew up in the 80’s will remember the stacks of studded bracelets worn by punk rockers such as Adam Ant and Sid Vicious but it was made mainstream popular by Madonna. As a 13 year old in 1983, I was right in the midst of the trend. I wore studded belts with everything and tried to bedazzle studs in almost everything I owned. Now that I’m pushing 40, it’s my last chance to re-live my youth without looking ridiculous! I’m obsessed with my Hermes Medor belts and have 3 different colors. I wear them with dresses, coats, jackets, whatever I can think of. I also have the Medor clutch in gray and a Medor bracelet in red— I never wear these Medor pieces together because it is just too much! But now Hermes has tiny little Medor accessories that I can put on any kind of scarf or small leather strap and wear with my Medor stuff.

These little Medor pieces ($170) are not as pricey as the belt or bracelet so it’s a great way for you frugal snobs to get the look without the cost. I put mine on a twilly scarf but just tried it on a black bandana and it looks snobulous! Play around with it to find your personal favorite but I love it as a headband or as a bracelet. I added a black studded strap wrap around bracelet from Forever 21 ($2.80) and my friends went nuts over the combo (who knew Hermes and Forever 21 would look so great together!?!?). They of course thought I spent a fortune but you guys know I love mixing high low! The little bracelets from Forever 21 come in blue, pink, white and brown with bronze studs (I got one in each color– how could I not when it is only $2.80!?!?)  The bracelet below is the same scarf and hardware I had on my head earlier in the day, I took it off at lunch and wrapped it around my wrist and created a whole new look.  




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  1. Tina, great minds think alike! I am wearing the twilly/medor studs as a headband today. I threw it on at the last second for my chaperone at the prescool field trip day. So fun!!


  2. Julie, what color medor did you put on?

    Aren’t these fun?

    I put them on a ribbon today that I cut off a jewelry box 🙂

  3. does that hurt on the head? i’d like it as the bracelet, anything at hermes under $200 is a huge bargain. not sure about F21 but will check out the bracelet in person as it looks very cool in the photo. more high low would be great, i like learning how to mix and match

  4. love it Tina! I always mix high low its the only way to go! (hee hee a rhyme)

    Ah the 80’s…I would pick my clothes out the night before and lay them out with my beads and accessories. Rubber bracelets, making sure my RL polo shirt collars were nice and tall….the good ol days..time passes so fast…love that 40 list, that’s one I haven’t written yet…but better do that soon….damn feeling old…

  5. I did the silver medor, but I need to get the gold ones too. Gold will be great in the summer with white dresses. I love the ribbon idea. I might steal some from my daughter.