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In Style Belly – Maternity Consignment Store


Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress $90 (new is $149.99); James Stretch Jeans for $111 (new is $168)

I love the community pregnant women are immediately a part of. Like the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, maternity clothes get passed around and is lovingly worn knowing that some parental knowledge must surely get passed along with it, perhaps through osmosis. For me, I wasn’t so lucky since the girlfriends who were pregnant before me were all itsy bitsy size 0 and 2. I wanted the designer jeans and the nice dresses and I hated having to spend so much on something that I knew would only be worn for a couple of months. That’s where In Style Belly becomes your secret source. It is a high end consignment store for gently worn clothes (aren’t all maternity clothes gently worn? Well, except for the daily uniform sweat pants, of course) like James and Citizens of Humanity jeans and DvF wrap dresses. And if you have splurged for the inevitable wedding or other special event, now you have a place to sell it so it doesn’t sit in your closet taking up valuable real estate. Go to In Style Belly to buy or sell.



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