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Jimmy Choo + Vogue = Champagne and Choos!


Take 6 of the coolest fashion blogs around, add their BFFs, a few cases of rose champagne plus the entire Spring 09 collection of Choo shoes with bags and you’ve got a serious party! We’re in NYC this week courtesy of Vogue and Jimmy Choo— who wanted us to re-discover our Choos and you know what we discovered? We do, we really do love our Choos! I used to be a Choo shoe addict years ago and have fallen prey to other brands but tonight, I fell in love all over again. Starting with the Saba bag, the Glenys sandal to a pair of silver snakeskin Clues (the best selling Choo shoe ever; selling 10 to 1 compared to other shoe styles!), I was reminded why I love Jimmy Choo’s sexy hot shoes and bags. We were given an inside peek at the world of Jimmy Choo by Choo President Brian Henke (movie star cute) and loved every minute. You really can’t get more fabulous than hanging with your best friends and trying on Choos, can you?!?!? Check out Jimmy for info on its latest darling (to be debuted today in the April issue of Vogue on the Last Look page)– Croco embossed rubber boots $395. Now you can fly fish in style.  Jump for more photos! Go to Jimmy Choo here.



Wendy from Nitrolicious and I modeling Choos!



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  1. How cute are these wellies…I just love it….choo Wellies, so you can look hot while at the stables!! This is so Mad Men!!


  2. I bought the Corsica green sandals last week after you posted the video from Vogue TV

    Love the Clues! Did you get a pair? There is a bronze python pair I’m going to get for summer!

  3. this kind of shoes looks so beautiful ,

    if you attend an important party, you absolutely need a pair of shoes like that , so if you want to own this brand name Handbag, you will find it here

  4. Hi, I’ve been after thoses green and black stilletos for yonks! do u know where I can get them from? or would you or anyone else be willing to sell them to me??