Snob Outfit of the Day: Kate Mara

mara_dior_oscar_belt.jpgThis has got to be the sweetest outfit I’ve seen all year. Kate Mara (no idea who she is, someone please enlighten me) rocks Dior‘s frilly dress with a fabulous white laser cut Oscar de la Renta belt (I ordered mine at the trunk show, can’t wait to get it!!  Email Mindy at Oscar to order one).

The clutch is also Dior and I love that she (or her stylist) chose black– it makes the outfit dressier and less sugary.  My only complaint is her hair.  She couldn’t have done something better with the hair?  It looks like sloppy wet hair pulled back in a scraggly ponytail.  I’m not advocating a head of curls or a blow out; how about a brush and maybe a dab of hair product?

What do you think? 

One thought on “Snob Outfit of the Day: Kate Mara

  1. Anonymous on said:

    I think she played Heath Ledger’s daughter in Brokeback Mountain

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