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Ex-Boyfriend Messenger Bags For Dads


My hubby is totally lost and sad when I am not out with him. But not in the way you think. He resorts to using random grocery tote bags or even worse, paper shopping bags for the kids’ stuff!! I have really nice bags but he cannot use them without me in tow, I guess that would compromise his sexually way too much for his comfort. These messenger bag designs by Ex Boyfriend (he is an illustrator that goes by that name for reasons I cannot figure out but this might be a hard sell for the husbands who don’t really want to hear about ex boyfriends) are perfect for the tech nerd, alternative dads. I picked the scooter design because that’s what I think boys like but I let him pick one out from all the available designs and apparently he thinks I’m obtuse but that’s no surprise. They have a bunch of other designs in the very likely case that you don’t have the same sense of humor as my husband. Green Scooter and You’re so Obtuse only $46 at Ex-Boyfriend Collection.



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