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Michael Kors Chain Hobo


I used to go to concerts every week, it was my life – I loved the crowd, the loudness, the adrenaline and strangely now that I’m thinking back, I liked the grunge. Well, times have changed because these days, the last person you will see at a rock concert is me. My husband still loves it but he won’t take me now because all I do is complain about the crowd, the loudness, the boredom and yes, the grunge. I think it’s called age. And I think Michael Kors is aware of my generation of women who still have that girl in us but in reality the only thing we’re interested in is going to a quiet dinner and talk about our wilder days. For those occasions and women like me, this patent leather hobo with subtle chain detail is all the Rock ‘n Roll we can handle – it still has an edge and is uber sophisticated. Age and lifestyle appropriateness are the most important things to keep in mind when getting dressed. Michael Kors also has the Chain Tote but the chains on those are a bit too much, this hobo is way more subtle. At Neiman Marcus for $995.



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  1. I have to agree with DevinDevin. I know you two are best buds, but I’m sorry, his bags, as well as his line in general, are BORING….and so is he. This bag looks like you got it in Marshalls for $69.99.

  2. I love this bag. I like the chain detail and the fact that its not everywhere. Saddly I havent been able to find it in store yet. I’ve found the rest of the collection just not this bag.

  3. Devin, Sue, and LP… You are idiots. Fashion repeats itself. EVERY great designer has reused and reinvented ideas. Give credit where credit is due, and stop drinking the Marc Jacobs cool-aid. I love Chanel as much as the next fashion lover, but all I’m saying is that it’s nice to see another designers take on classic styling.

    P.S. My house keeper has a Chanel bag.