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Roger Vivier Sandal Boots

viviersandalboot.jpgI love boots, I love sandals, but most of all, I love platform shoes. Who knew there’d be a day when one wouldn’t have to choose between the three!?!?

Roger Vivier high heel platform sandal boots are sexy fetish without being trashy.  These are the most seductive shoes I’ve ever laid eyes on!  Bruno Frisoni’s use of the iconic pilgrim buckle is subtle and chic– worthy of a modern day Belle de Jour.

Of course one would need very long and very slim legs to get away with these; you don’t want any bulges of fat through the beautifully cut out flowers.  They are the ultimate fantasy shoes and are quite expensive but you can see the exquisite handiwork in the details. 

Available in black patent for $1725 at Bergdorf Goodman.  Call or email Eddie Curtis in the shoe salon for more info!  212-872-8940



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  1. I would love to see these IRL..can’t make a decision just from the pic, although they would look killer on the right legs (Tina you could totally pull it off)

    Tina and Kelly – you may already know this site but I just found it

    They appear to have some really great deals!! Also today they are having an extra 20% off their sale! They had a ton of stuff in the super small sizes at really great prices – you might want to take a look!

    Cheers have a Sunshine Monday and an Amazing Week! -K

  2. I love them, esp. the combination of flowers and buckles. But, with that heel and a platform, they are a bit trashy. 😉

    As with most platform shoes they would look absolutely stunning on a tall woman. Sometimes petite women overdo it with platforms where their body proportions are totally out of sync with the shoes and they end up looking like they two-ton cement blocks strapped to their feet.