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Snob Quiz – Freida Pinto and Eva Mendes


UPDATE: The Snob Quiz is now closed. The correct answer is the new Bulgari “Dalia” bag. It is only available at Bulgari online and in their stores for $2100.

Freida Pinto is the hottest starlet in Hollywood right now and rightfully so she is also wearing the hottest bags. Eva Mendes is also seen with the same bag. What is the designer of this coveted fashion item? Put your answer in comments by Sunday March 8th at 11:59pm EST for a chance to win a Bag Snob T-shirt! We will select one winner through a random drawing. Please give us a working email address so that we can contact you when you win.

32 thoughts on “Snob Quiz – Freida Pinto and Eva Mendes

  1. Frances on said:

    Looks like the new Bulgari bag

  2. karolynka on said:

    it’s the new bulgari tote, celebrating 125th anniversary of the maison.

  3. victoria on said:

    Please tell me where i could purchase this bag it is stunning and what is the name of this bag?

  4. victoia on said:

    I just found out it is the Bulgari shoulder bag. Does anyone know if the dept. stores carry this brand?

  5. Bonnie on said:


  6. it’s a bulgari shoulder carry

  7. bulgari!

  8. Bulgari :)

  9. weaslgrl on said:


    But I like the color on their website homepage even better!

  10. Bulgari shoulder bag in sand soft water buffalo leather with light gold plated hardware.

  11. Lisa LaRew on said:

    Bulgari :)

  12. Shrinidhi Rai on said:

    Bulgari Dalia bag

  13. Christy on said:


  14. It’s the Dalia bag by BVLGARI. :)

  15. Bulgari Dalia Bag

  16. Versace Multi Ring hobo? $3,140?

  17. Stephanie on said:

    Bulgari Dalia

  18. Rosanna on said:


  19. Bvlgari Dalia.

  20. Rochelle K on said:


  21. I guess I’m a little late, but BULGARI!


  22. Bulgari!

  23. Bulgari – it’s amazing and the color is so neutral.

  24. Bulgari’s Dalia

  25. Dalia from Bulgari

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