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The Slouchy Hobo in Python from Carlos Falchi

OMG! Just as I decide that I’m done buying bags this season, Carlos Falchi comes out with a Python Slouch Hobo in an electric blue color that I don’t know if I can resist. It has all the elements of the season; an effortlessly slouchy hobo shape, deliciously luxe python skin, all wrapped up in a fabulous bright shade of blue. I’m in love and must have this if it’s the last bag I buy this season!!! The ultra luxurious hand painted python is a worthy investment– you’ll be able to use this year after year after year. It’s also a very functional tote– the single strap will keep it from sliding off the shoulder plus two interior pockets and an interior zippered compartment will keep you organized. It’s huge at 20″ but when I picked it up at Saks last week it didn’t look very big– the slouchy and soft python molds to the body and did I mention it is super lightweight? I believe this is the very first Carlos Falchi bag I have ever wanted so badly! It’s made in the USA so I’ll be helping the economy and the labor force with this purchase. What better argument can one have for buying a bag? This gorgeous python tote is $3,595 at Saks Fifth Avenue.



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  1. The leather looks nice, even in blue. I don´t like hobos, they don´t have the structure I connect with the word `handbag´, bag maybe yes. I don´t know what to say about the price, this one seems to settle somewhere in the middle.

  2. Haha, I knew B and Julie would be all over this– you girls have similar taste as I do! Isn’t it divine, hand painted python! I die I die!

  3. Tina–You had me laughing–(my little one asked me “whats so funny”) lol—I too noticed Julie and I have very similar taste..(like you)..”I die”–“I die” (so funny) as you can see it doesnt take much to amuse me!! =)


  4. It’s Bananas! I so hope Rachel Zoe comes back for another season. I am also easily amused. We do have similar taste…


  5. YUMMY….I have to say that I was never a fan of exotics, but Tina you and Kelly have really started me onto them…..I started out slow, I just bought a pair of snakeskin sandals, and I’ve been prancing around the house with them (I’m trying to get used to heels again) and I just love this bag…oh and the NG bag you have is fabulous….love love love that pink…don’t worry I won’t try to buy it off you…..I may secretly raid your closet though…Just kidding…your clothes would never fit anyway. 😉

  6. i like everything of this bag except its price tag….$3600!! plus sale tax, it’s almost $4000….!

    i just don’t feel like it’s time to spend $4K on a bag at this economy. :T