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Tensolift Hand Cream from Natura Bisse: Because Your Hands are Worth It

tensolifthandcream.jpgThere are many things in life that we simply can not scrimp on– one of which is a good hand cream. The hands will always give away your age so you better take care of them, my Snobs! I have half a dozen hand creams scattered around– in my car, on my night stand, on my bathroom counter, under the kitchen sink, in my son’s playroom– you never know when your hands need a moisture boost!

My latest obsession is the Tensolift Hand Cream from Natura Bisse that I managed to get a sample of last month; it’s pure decadence for your paws! My hands were very dry from the cold weather in NYC but a couple of days of Tensolift upon my return home and they were good as new! TENSOLIFT HAND CREAM is designed exclusively to FILL, LIFT AND LIGHTEN aging hands and it delivers as promised.

This technologically advanced treatment is formulated with ingredients such as Hyaluronic acid and skin-identical cushioning lipids that fill the skin from within, providing extraordinary volume and smoothness. The anti-oxidant botanical extract obtained from the “Bellis Perennis” flower lightens dark spots, another sign of aging, and prevents the appearance of new ones while evening skin tone and restoring a youthful luminosity. TENSOLIFT HAND CREAM acts as a protective glove throughout the day; it has an extraordinarily silky texture, is water resistant and contains an SPF15.  I started kickboxing recently and my hands are taking the worst beating– I now use this as a protective glove before I don my boxing gloves!

And don’t worry about greasy hand prints on your clothes; its non-oily and lightweight formula disappears into your skin quickly. Price is $108 but trust me, it’s much cheaper than the injectables that women are using to fill their wrinkled and neglected hands ($900 each session). Tensolift will be available at Neiman Marcusicon on March 22nd.



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  1. Hi, I’ve used this for almost a month, I wouldn’t say there’s a drastic difference but I do like how it feels. The protective layer feels great and my hands are looking great. 🙂

  2. Hi Isabel, No, please do not use this on the face!

    The skin on the face is different from the skin on our bodies. TH Cream is specifically formulated to penetrate the hands and arms thanks to Natura Bisse’s advance delivery system. Our skin on the face absorbs product through our skin cells and pores, our body only absorbs through the cells. I have been using the hand cream for 2 months everyday and have notice my hand less wrinkly. I am obsessed with this product. It is an extension of our Inhibit Line, the alternative to surgical procedures line. The reason so costly is the amount of highly active ingredients in the product

  3. I have spent so much time outdoors in my lifetime, my hands look older than my mother’s! I would love to try this cream out, although it is spendy. I wonder – I’m sure the effects of it wear off as soon as you stop using it a few days??

    Also, I had no idea you could get a “hand lift”!!! Yeesh. My poor veins and hands have been through enough trauma. I’d rather use a good lotion,sunscreen, drink lots of water and use the money on a great handbag steal, electronic equipment, or fly-fishing gear!!!