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Terracotta Khôl Kajal Intense Indian Kohl for sexy eyes

guerlain_kohl.jpgGet Slumdog sexy with Guerlain’s Intense Indian Kohl! This is a mineral eyeliner that will be gentle even for contact lens wearers (are people still wearing contacts? I got LASIK 12 years ago and never looked back!). I got my make up done by Guerlain artist Cheri (at Waldorf Astoria boutique) during Fashion Week and I’m now obsessed with everything Guerlain. This creamy glide on kohl stick is highly concentrated in mineral pigments and will give you that smoldering sexy look. I put this on and it lasted all night without smudging nor smearing. Intense! Now I just need to master my dance moves (kidding!).

$35 at

Oops, here is the correct link!



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  1. Yes, there are still people wearing contacts because you can’t get LASIK until you are about 25, because they wont do it until your eyes are fully developed or it will permanently damage your vision. Also, some people are not LASIK candidates.

  2. I think you linked to the wrong thing–those are powder liners you have in the Sephora link, and this thing on the post looks like a crayon.

  3. Maggie, thanks for letting me know. I fixed the link.

    Mai- I was kidding about wearing contacts. I wore them from age 13-27 because I couldn’t do Lasik until I was in my late ’20s.


  4. hey i got soooooo excited for this producet but at sephora they say the product is no loner available, and it’s not on guerlain’s official website either, so do you know where i can buy it now?thanks