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YSL Easy Leather Bag: Snob or Slob?

Calling this bag the “Easy” could not be more appropriate. I mean how easy is it to stick a giant Y logo on a bag and call it a day?  And it’s not as if they designed a creative new shape– it’s just your average boston style duffel with a logo on it. 

Sorry YSL, the bag just doesn’t do it for me. I do like the pailette print on patent leather but real sequins would have been better– at least it would have been unexpected and exciting.

What do you guys think?  Snob or Slob?

 YSL Easy Bag $1,195 at



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  1. Slob!

    Glad somebody mentioned this

    I could never understand why people obsess with this bag or is it clever marketing after all?

  2. I really dont like the design of giant Y. it looks more like a bag from sport’s brand for for teenagers. its a slob.

  3. oh my.. so many negative reviews..give this bag a break ;P

    i own this in black pebbled leather and it has got to be the ‘easiest’ bag i own..i can throw anything in there and i’m good to goes with all outfits from dressy to i’m ALWAYS complimented on it-

    best bag i’ve used since my chanel jumbo!!

    this one here has strange material or texture..

    1. I have this bag, in black with a zipper trip around the y, one in Purple and one in tan. I just love them too much. I have other very nice bags but this is the most convenient bag to carry. Not too precious but chick at the same time.

  4. I really like this bag – it’s simple enough to be classy and the embossed print gives it some interest (real sequins?! I don’t think so…)

  5. I like it too, the pailette print on patent leather is great, and I think it only works on a simple design like this.

    And about the giant Y logo and how “easy” it is, you can say the same for the muse bag, and yet it’s ever so popular!

  6. I just have to say something about this bag, since it is a YSL. The great Y doesn´t bother me. Take it as a decoration. And the price for a design bag is sensible. This is truely an easy bag, I do think that it comes in many different leathers too.

  7. I like the bag it is beautiful I like all of the YSL bags and it’s not at a crazy price point! I like it and I would buy it but I like the plain YSL patent bag more!

  8. i have this bag in bronze and at first i was unsure about it, but i have learned to love it. it is super easy to throw stuff in and is light. i prefer the plain patent, but i think it is a great bag, especially for the city. i live in paris and i take the metro etc. all the time, so i need an easy bag!

  9. You chose the worst possible version of this bag to review. But the bag in pebbled leather is soft and casual and very chic in person…

  10. I saw a girl carrying the easy bag the other day..and have to agree with those who like it, on the right person it could be very chic and not trying to hard. It seems like a nice staple bag for running errands/going to work when you have a bunch of stuff to carry.

  11. I really like this bag – not in the design you showed here, I saw it in different colors and it is a gorgeous bag. The Y does not stand out as much as it does on the picture. I almost got one last Winter when it was on sale but I got the Muse instead 🙂

  12. Sure it doesn’t blow people’s top off, but I actually think it looks good being carried around…Plus it looks really easy to use. Thus, it has to be good easy…

  13. i bought the easy in sapphire blue and it is great. it is not the fanciest of bags, but the leather is beautiful(pebbled, but still so soft) and it has a slouchiness that i like. i have the downtown in black patent, so i wanted something different, but equally as roomy to carry around sweaters, scarves, files for work, etc. i think it will also be a great travel bag (it has a zipper across the top and opens up into a tote).