7 for All mankind Petite White Jeans


I have been obsessed with white jeans since I was very young.  Each summer I add a pair or two to the collection and give away the ones that no longer fit or interest me. This year I bought the 7 for All mankind petite white jeans.  It is made for a petite figure and it has the low 7 signature pockets so your bum doesn’t look huge.  I am a 30″ inseam though I’m only 5′ tall (I wear really high heels with my jeans!) but most jeans come with a 36″ inseam. They never look quite right after shortening them, even when my tailor uses the original hem technique– the proportions just don’t work when you lop off 6 inches from the bottom of your flared jeans.  Finally, a pair of petite jeans actually looks good!  It’s also really nice to buy jeans and be able to wear them right away without a trip to the tailor!  See 7 For All Mankind Petite Boot Cut Jean here. 

2 thoughts on “7 for All mankind Petite White Jeans

  1. When can you start to wear white jeans?

  2. Couture Snob Tina on said:


    You can wear white jeans all year round! In the winter I wear them with black turtlenecks, very chic. There are no rules anymore :) I do wear them more often in the spring/summer though.

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