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Adidas by Stella McCartney Zutan gym bag


I can’t believe I am falling for this but this Adidas bag by Stella McCartney is really groovy. For a gym bag. But if you are vegan and eco-chic, this might be just the thing for you. The grosgrain straps set against the gray nylon is very chic indeed! It also has a rounded balloon shape so it isn’t just another tote, there are side straps that allow the bag to expand so go ahead and throw in your own towel, the gym towels are always too scratchy anyway. The top opens all the way up with a zipper which allows easy access to big items like your shoes, or actually my shoes, size 10 sneakers take up A LOT of room. I don’t even have a problem running around town with this if I have to, I really like it! And the price will really put a smile on your face, only $160 – finally a Stella McCartney for the price that a non-leather bag should cost!! At Net-a-Porter for $160.


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  2. Is this bag available for sale anywhere? It is no longer available at Net-A-Porter. If not, can you recommend any other fabulous bags for the gym?


  3. Do you know if this bag is available for purchase anywhere? It is no longer on Net-A-Porter. If not, can you recommend any other fabulous bags for the gym?