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Alice + Olivia Jumpsuit

alice_olivia_jumpsuit.jpgI have been on an endless quest for the perfect jumpsuit and I think I’ve finally found one that makes sense on the body and the wallet. I tried on Alice + Olivia‘s Culotte jumpsuit yesterday and it is flattering even on a petite girl like me. It sits high on the waist and gives the illusion of a long silhouette– even the slight harem culottes looked good because it didn’t sag much in the crotch and tapers to a slim leg. The wide sash further accentuates the waist and made me look really skinny (always a good thing!).

$440 is not exactly dirt cheap but a lot more affordable than the $2,000+ version high end designers are pushing. The quality is not bad and you’ll get your money’s worth out of this one.

Alice + Olivia Trevor Draped Culotte Jumpsuit At

(love the bop, free shipping and no tax, you can’t go wrong! It’s cheaper than driving to the store!)

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