Bally Velosina Bag- The perfect summer bag!

ballyvelosinabag.jpgI saw a similar Bally bag dangle casually on a woman walking on the streets of Paris last summer and can not get the image out of my mind! She was unstudied, informal and so comfortable in her skin. I can’t remember what she wore but I remember this bag, it hung from her shoulder easily on one arm and she carried a little girl on the other. It could have been an ad for Bally bags! It’s a great buy for $874 and putty is the must have color. There is also black but why do black when this pale neutral color is so fresh and pleasing to the eye? Check out Bally Velosina bag here.

6 thoughts on “Bally Velosina Bag- The perfect summer bag!

  1. coachwife6 on said:

    This is very tempting. I love this bag. It is the perfect style and size for me….

  2. the moment i saw this, all i could think of is how cute and functional it looks. then i looked over. i may not have the designer one, but i have bone colored leather vintage version sitting on my floor that i have been using for years. $1.99 at the thrift store! they’re almost identical, it’s cracking me up.

  3. Agreed, this bag looks sensible and is sensibly priced. Perfect for those, who don´t want a statement bag.

  4. That would be me Mette! I love understated bags.

  5. kk Taylor on said:

    I love Bally and have actually bought mine in Montreux, Switzerland.

  6. grnacres on said:

    This bag is fabulous! Especially in the suede chestnut color that recently came out. I like the grn colored one too. Very simple and the price is amazing. $900 for the suede. I’ve bought several in Bally Bags in Beverly Hills. I love that store.

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