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Car Seat Chiller


This is an ice pack to cool the car seats during scorching hot summer days. We went to the desert one time to visit family. When it was time to leave the inside of the car got so hot it would have been cruel to put my tot in the car seat that was 200 degrees. Actually I think it would have burned her. We tried turning on the air conditioner but it wasn’t doing anything so we had to removed the car seat and put the entire thing in an ice box (those freezers that open on top) for 20 minutes to cool it off. And of course, we had to reinstall the car seat afterward. Pain in the butt does not even begin to describe that experience. And then we couldn’t stop anymore after that because we didn’t want to do that all over again. Well, and we didn’t have an ice box readily available on the road. This Seat Chiller would have been a life saver. Even if you don’t live in the dessert or plan on visiting one, we all know how hot car seats can get even on a semi-hot day. Besides, it just isn’t comfortable for our precious little tots! You put the chiller in the freezer and lay it over the seat and buckles until it cools to your liking then you take if off before seating your tot. You can also use this to cool yourself, I plan on laying on this to calm back inflammation. At Baby Dagny for $30, comes in blue, green and purple.



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