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Carlos Falchi Oversized Handy Python Clutch


Oversized clutches are handy but this is “handy” on a whole other level. Literally handy, many many hands with rings and bracelet on to boot. Wow. This pushes the outer boundaries of ugly. I might have to take back everything good ever said about Carlos Falchi. Only the hands are of python, the rest is textured cracked leather, which is an interesting choice because they usually use snake or crocodile on lotion commercials to represent dryness. This is not even funny and costumey for special dress up occasions like Halloween, it’s just bad. Maybe this is the “Why can’t we all get along” version of patchwork to work in different patterns, colors and textures. But I am being lenient and kind flexing all my might to find an explanation and bright side to something that defies all rationale. At Bergdorf Goodman for pre-order, $1510. Thankfully, this is not allowed to be sold in California.

10 thoughts on “Carlos Falchi Oversized Handy Python Clutch

  1. SLOB!! It creeped me out!

  2. Omg, so fugly

  3. Puss of Scandinavia on said:

    Ha ha – I have nothing to add here, Kelly – you said it all!

  4. Of course I would never spend this much money on this, but I do think it’s fun!

  5. Kelly, this is awful! I’m creeped out by the hands…

  6. To quote the great Polly Mellen: “It erases everything.” Unfortunately in this case, it ERASES everything GREAT that Falchi has done before. This makes me want to cry.

  7. i was just watching sex and the city the other day after reading this post and i noticed that samantha is carrying a clutch like this in one of the scenes! you can see it at about 2:14

  8. This has got to be one of the worst designer handbags I have ever laid eyes on. My retinas are burning.

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