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Carlos Falchi Python Grande Boat Hobo


I had a total senior moment the other day. I was carrying my favorite YSL Marjorelle and had my 2 tots with me so there was a ton of stuff in there, the thing weighted a hundred pounds. At the end of the day, I was feeling tired and out of sorts and this thought entered in my head, “When am I going to stop torturing myself with these bags? I just want something lightweight and easy!”. But I didn’t go as far as thinking that I didn’t really care what it looked like cuz that would be ludicrous!! =) Then yesterday I went searching and saw this Carlos Falchi giant hobo. It weights nothing for its huge size!! It opens up like an accordion. The lining is a really god awful printed fabric but the rest of the interior is super awesome. There is a center divider with a zipper pouch and tons of little pockets on one side and a hook for your keys! Love it!! The shape is slightly structured so it isn’t a sloppy slouchy hobo and it sits super comfortably against the body. The woven straps add a nice detail but also have good grip so they stay on. I mean, is that practical enough for a senior or what? But of course, it is still ultra fab and I can still feel good about being fashionable!! At Neiman Marcus for $2450. It says not available in California but python is sold here, I’ve seen them and bought them.


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  1. Kelly..I had to agree with you re bags weighing a ton while having little ones with you. My problem is that no matter how light the bag is, i will end up with just more “stuff” to fill it:)..

    Re this bag, i like the neutral tone and i’m sure it looks even better than the picture! There have been way too many pythons lately with crazy and impractical colors! This one will last more than a few seasons bc of the color!

    I like the fact that it stays on so i can have both hands free for three kids!

  2. love it, i think you or tina featured the blue version which i like even more because it will wear better with age.

  3. This is a beautiful classic. Carlos Falchi is an exceptional designer,who doesn’t get the PR many other designers get.

  4. This one is different than the blue one I featured. The interior is different so it looks the same on the outside, I’m telling you, this bag is so awesomely practical!